Rally Reports
5th to 7th October
Bulphan Farm


Once again we have won the arrival prize. After a 30 minute journey we arrived at Bulphan, a lovely well kept site nice and flat. We were welcomed by Clive who kindly advised us where we could site our van.  After we set up we had a chat with Brian and June who had been there all week visiting their family.  During the morning other caravans arrived.  As the sun was shining we gathered in a circle outside Bill and Derek's vans sunbathing and chatting with our cups of tea, beer and wine.  During the afternoon Derek and Bill challenged us to a game of Petanque (French Boules).  Joy was bowling so well that we had a blistering lead of 10-1, however, Derek and Bill decided to be very ungentlemanly by throwing long bowls so that petite Joy had difficulty in reaching, as I was bowling rubbish they eventually caught us up.  With the score at 18 all Bill, (who like me had been bowling rubbish), out of the blue managed to get his 2 bowls on the Jack and Derek with his last throw gave them 3 points, beating us 21-18.  We had a very enjoyable game and a good laugh. By the time we had finished more caravans had turned up, 11 in all. 
In the evening it was over to the local church hall to pay fees and get together.


Woke up to a very wet and rainy day, what a change in the weather from the lovely sunbathing day we had yesterday.  As the day was free to do as we pleased and as it was raining, we went to Lakeside to get out of the rain for a little retail therapy and one of my favorite meals Pie, Mash and Eels.
When we got back to the site Pat and Derek’s daughter had left with their caravan as Dave was not feeling well.
In the evening it was over to the church hall where Chris entertained us all with "Chris’s Crazy Quiz".  There were 3 teams for the quiz, during the quiz Chris had to take control of the unruly Kevin and Joe (Pheobe’s Posse) by having to give them a slap. Some of the questions gave us a greater understanding of nature and the human body.  The quiz was won by Pheobe’s Posse.
A good night was had by all and many thanks to Chris.


Weather changed again, sun out, sky clear, which was helpful as we had an Al fresco coffee morning for the prizes, birthdays, lottery, thankyou’s and other matters to be discussed.
Our thanks to Chris and Clive from all who attended, for a giving us an enjoyable weekend.

P.S  Joy was was thrilled that she was able to cuddle Julie and Joe’s grandaughter, baby Phoebe, such a sweetie.

Keith & Joy



This must be the quickest to get to for us, 11 caravans here, I do love this venue it’s so fresh and bright, the field is so well kept, I’d cooked a curry at home before we left, (for the girls), so I brought some with us, it was still hot when we got here.  I still felt in holiday mod as I've just got back from Turkey, after dinner I cleaned up and we both feel asleep, Kev woke me up at 9.30 pm, he walked down to the church hall to pay our dues while I got ready for bed. 


what a horrible morning, it hasn’t stopped raining all night, we had a lovely lay in, as we opened the blinds we saw Dave and Paula packing up, we were told later that Dave was poorly, we wish him well. The rain didn’t stop all day, some braved the rain and went out for a few hours, I enjoyed sitting in our caravan watching the rain fall on our windows, Kev had a drive out to get some dog food and as we live so close he took it home and left the dogs there as it was still raining,
Sophie and Chris popped to see Joe n Julie, it was lovely to meet little Phoebe, what a little darling she is, we also had visitors, Abbi n Jon popped over to surprise us and stayed for dinner, then they came over the hall for our fun evening, I must say it’s the best Quiz ever, I knew lots of the answers and I learnt a lot too, the evening ended too quick, Abbi n Jon came back for coffee before heading home,


It’s a beautiful morning, wish it was like this yesterday, the sun was shining, 11am coffee morning was outside Joe's caravan, it was so hot sitting there, prizes were given out to the winning team for last nights quiz, (it was our table), a great weekend had by all.
Thanks to Chris for all your hard work, and hope you and Clive have a safe journey on your holiday. Hope everyone had a safe drive home. See you all at our AGM.

Love Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie


1st to 23rd September
Clopton Village Hall

Friday .... This is a new venue for the club, when we got here there were only 5 caravans, Clive came out his caravan to say we could park any where, while I was getting inside our caravan sorted Kev was outside putting the sun canopy up, after he did it he realised he had put it up inside out, so that’s how it stayed, we soon set up, had dinner. Kev went over to the hall while I stayed in our van as we have got Arnie this weekend, he fell asleep so I made his bed up and had a relaxing evening, when Kev got back he said it was a good night talking about old rallies.

Saturday .... it was so windy through the night it woke me up a few times. Hayley was worried Arnie would wake up early. but he slept well and didn’t wake up until 8 am. Kev took Arnie over to the park while I cooked breakfast, this is a lovely venue for the children. After breakfast we had a drive out and ended up in Framingham, it was overcast yet very warm, it was lovely walking up to the castle and brought back many memories we have had with the club, one came to mind straight away with Richard doing a "moony" over the castle wall 😂😂. On the way to our car we went into a lovely little tea room and had afternoon tea, it started to rain as we got back to camp. 8pm it was over to the hall for Chris and Clive’s table tennis comp and Bulls Eye, Beryl and Brian came to visit this evening so Beryl judged the table tennis, I was very surprised that I ended up in the semi final, but lost to Elaine. The final was out of Kevin and Elaine, Kev handed it over to Elaine as he said his knee’s hurt, we then got into 3 teams for Bulls Eye, again I’m no good at darts, but seeing some members they were just as bad as me so it didn’t matter. Arnie stayed asleep in his buggy all evening, 11 pm came and we all walked back to our caravans.

Sunday .... it was raining through the night again, but we love listening to it laying in bed, Arnie didn’t wake up until 8.45 am, he has been a little darling, 11 am it was back over the hall for coffee n prize giving. Peter dine Joe's job while Chris gave out our prizes, Clive did his job. This has been a really lovely rally even though it was small, everyone joined in, thanks to our hosts.
No one hung around as the weather was horrible, we hope you all have a safe journey home, see you all again soon.
Love Karla Kev and Arnie xxx Mr Bourne n Ronnie

Ps , I won the rally report so I got a lovely packet of mint match makers, plus a little reminder if you don’t want to get caught out doing something wrong (cheating), be carefull as you all know I take photos of everything, Sandra saw my photos on face book of Kevin holding Arnie in one arm and his phone in the other googling the weekend Quiz 😂😂


24th to 27th August
Sports Day
Hollesley Village Hall

We arrived at lunch time Friday to find most units already there. Over the course of the rest of the day nearly everyone else arrived, with one final unit arriving Saturday to make a total of 20 units. 

At 9.00 p.m. on Friday it was over to the hall with a drink to pay our dues, pick up the weekends quiz and itinerary and have a natter. The children all collected a tee shirt and fabric pens, as their weekend competition was to design a tee shirt.

Saturday dawned sunny and warm and daytime was free to do as we pleased.
At 8.00 p.m. it was over to the hall for a video pub-quiz run by yours truly. This was won in due course by a team who named themselves “The Clever Ones”. How clever they really are is open to discussion, as a couple of the other teams claimed that they had noticed members of the winning team using "Google" under the table. Cheating !?, in the 77 Club, shock, horror! Surely not. Still, all good clean fun.
That said, the team had so many members I doubt there were enough sweets in the winning prize packet for them all to get one.

Sunday, at around midday the heavens opened and it didn't stop raining until around 10 p.m. The Sports Day had originally been scheduled by Dave & Mike to start at 2 p.m.
After the sudden change in the weather, it was hastily scaled back and rescheduled for 2.30 in the hall. Despite that it was still a great competition by teams captained by Joe & Kevin.
The competitors claimed it was almost as tiring as the normal outside one. It was a very closely fought contest, despite Joe changing the number of players around in his team which meant he had an unfair advantage on the first couple of games. This was soon picked up by the adjudicators and sorted before he got away with it for too long.
At the end of the games, it was a draw! Because of health & safety it was not possible to sort it using a tug of war in the hall, so it was down to Kevin & Joe to re-run the blindfolded obstacle course themselves (it had earlier been run by a nominated member of each team).
This would also have been a draw, were it not for the fact that at one end of the course they had to kick a ball (blindfolded) into a goal, Kevin's went in the kitchen, but, miraculously, somehow, Joe's went in the goal making his team the winning one.
A great time was had by all, competitors and spectators combined.

8.00p.m. it was back over to the hall for Dave & Mike's evening of fun and games.
We had a list of members birthdays where we had to match a piece of music to the date of someones birth. We then had “Egg Roulette” with losers having to break eggs either with their heads or hands, some eggs were hard boiled, some were raw. This was followed by “Me name's not Keith, don't show me your teeth” apparently based on something Keith Lemon does on TV which was hysterical. The evening then culminated with a game where a man from each team was made up by a blindfolded lady (from behind) and then dressed with a wig. Richard, Jordan and Keith kindly volunteered to take part, the results were great, but there was no denying that Keith, (Jane from Mansfield), made up by Joy, was the out and out winner. Let's just say, you wouldn't want to meet her on a dark night.

Huge thanks to Dave and Mike for all their hard work this weekend, it's what the club is all about.

Monday, of course as we had to pack up and go home, was warm and sunny again.
11.00 a.m. back to the hall for morning coffee and prize giving. As Joe was stand in Rally Officer this weekend it was down to myself to do the Chairman's bit, however, I managed to win the arrival prize and write this report.
The children picked up their prizes for the tee shirts, by age-group, the winning Sports team got their medals and the other prizes were awarded.
A great end to what is, unfortunately, the last bank holiday weekend of the year apart from Christmas.

Hope to see you all out at the next few rallies.



Thursday..... Kev has tomorrow off so we decided to come tonight with Gracie and Dottie, we had a lovely drive no traffic, there’s about 11 caravans here already, we parked right next to the park so we can keep an eye on the girls (well Dottie), I put dinner on while Kev got the caravan sorted, the girls played on the swings and slide, Gracie has finally learnt to ride her bike so she was riding around the field, it’s great watching her after such a long time of trying, I can see her from all our windows. Once it got dark Kev went over the wooden hut to see our friends while I sorted the girls out for bed. We snuggled up and watched The Greatest Show man.

Friday ..... woke up to lovely sun, the girls soon got dressed after breakfast and went over the park with the other children. Kev took Ronnie over the field to do some training work with him, he came back swapped dogs, put Ronnie in the caravan and took Bourne to do some training, we were going out after so I went to get some water for the dogs but couldn’t get into the caravan ( it was locked), I called Kev for the keys to be told the doors not locked !!!! As both sets of keys are in the van plus the car keys, he tried to pick the lock but it wasn’t opening so he opened the locker under the bed, took everything out and Gracie saved the day by climbing in and pushing the bed up, so she could open the front door, Gracie said at least we don’t have to sleep under the stars tonight, we had a nice drive into Woodbridge, had a look around the shops, Kev wants a hand water pump to wash the caravan, we found a Tesco then got back to camp, more caravans had turned up, we had lunch then sat outside watching the children having fun in the park, we have lots of children here this weekend so sports day will be fantastic. The fish & chip van turned up so that’s tonight dinner sorted, he did his fish dairy free so Dottie could eat it. 5 pm Kev and the girls went to collect our dinner, it was so nice and fresh, 9 pm over the hall to pay our dues, Joe took the rally fee as Clive and Chris are away this weekend looking at new holiday venues for us. It’s fantastic seeing the children playing in the hall and laughing, although it’s more grandchildren that are here, 10.30 pm I took Dottie back to our caravan to sort the beds out, thanks to big lilly for carrying her for me, Kev stayed over the hall to help Joe lock up.

Saturday .... it rained lots in the night, but lovely when we woke up, it wasn’t long before all the children were in the park, our children are the best, they play so well, I must say a massive thank you to Dawns niece Lilly for keeping an eye on the children in the park, I hope Dottie wasn’t being bossy. Some members popped out, others stayed around thier caravans, Kev and I washed our caravan, I was so shocked he wanted to do it. Dave and Mike put some sports stuff out for the children to play with then after dinner it was over to the hall for Peters Pub Quiz, we ended up with 4 teams, the children entertained themselves by playing skittles.  I took Dottie back to our caravan as she was getting tired.

Sunday ..... Kev and Derek got up early to go to a boot sale, Kev was so pleased he bought Gracie a bigger bike, now she can finally ride her bike, plus Kev has been looking for another Army chair for Abbi when they go shooting, and he got one for £2, they have been around £50/£60 on EBay so he was well pleased. I didn’t get up until 10 pm as the girls fell back to sleep, we ended up having brunch at 11am, Gracie tried her new bike and said it’s too big so didn’t want to ride it. It started to rain and the wind got up so that was in for the rest of the day. Dave n Mike decided to do the sports day in the hall, so 2.30pm everyone met over the hall, I must say what a fantastic time we all had, Joe and Kev were captains, and chose their teams, (see Club Web for photos), I must say what great members we have and fantastic sports you all are, a great effort from you all. I cut a few hairs while our hosts got the hall ready for tonight’s fun, the rain still fell and the wind got up so some members took there awnings down, others put there cars in front to break the wind, when I got back to our caravan I cooked a roast dinner, we watched Peter Rabbit film, then it was time to get back over the hall for more fun. The children’s competition for the weekend, they were all given a white T Shirt and some fabric colouring pens and had to design there own pattern, a massive well done to you all, they were all amazing. We had 3 teams, and had questions on chickens and eggs, I knew quite a few of the questions as I've had chickens for years, if you got a question wrong then you had to choose an egg from the table and smash it on your head, some were hard boiled other’s were raw, I got a question wrong (but I beg to differ) so the egg I chose was raw as I smashed it on my forehead, another game was 3 from each team that had to say words with there lips closed, then we had a lady and a gent from each team, the lady was blind folded and had to put make-up and wigs on their partners, everyone was laughing so much, the men really enjoyed it, Jordon even puckered his lips up for his lipstick to be put on, Richard got carried away saying he liked bald men and chose Brian and Bob S for his bit on the side, then Keith loved walking around with his blonde flowing hair, in fact they all looked lovely as women, as the evening went on we were brought out cheese nachos to nibble on, I must say the evening came to a end far to quick, my cheeks hurt with laughter, a massive well done to everyone that joined in, you were great sports. Finally the rain had stopped, back to our caravans at 11pm.

Monday ..... woke to lovely sunshine, the children went round and sold raffle tickets which they really enjoyed, 11 am was over to the hall for tea coffee and prize giving, Joe did Rally Officer’s job, Peter did chairman’s job, this has been an amazing weekend, lots of hard work has been put into our fun, thank you to everyone that helped run it, especially the sports day, it wasn’t spoilt because of the rain, there were so many members that joined in.
 No-one hung around, we all started to pack away, we hope you all have a very safe journey home xxx

Love Kev, Karla, Gracie and Dottie, Mr Bourne n Ronnie x


27th to 29th July
West Newlands Farm
St Lawrence

FRIDAY. Arrived midday to join the 5 vans already there. We set up the van in the very hot sun around 30 degrees. Pat and Bob kindly made us a cup of tea which we drank in a shady spot under trees. The site was excellent and very well looked after with lovely views and plenty of space. Said our hello’s to our old and new friends. With some of the old members we sat and viewed photo albums reminicing over photos of past rallies when we were past members. A further 5 vans arrived during the afternoon (total 11 vans). After a lazy afternoon and dinner, we wandered over to the Barn at 9:00pm to pay our dues. What a beautiful barn with old beams and carpeted throughout. Our host for the weekend, The Stanford Group, divided us into 3 teams ready for our weekend of activities. Each team had to choose a captain and a team name, our team was called JAMS.  

SATURDAY. This morning the ground was dry although we had rain overnight. The temperature had dropped and there was a breeze but it was still warm.  We all had a free morning to do as we liked. The Stanford Group set up the activities ready for competitions starting at 2:30pm. The activities consisted of Bowls, Petanque, Putting, trying to get Bean Bags through a hole and Fishing for Ducks. We all joined in trying to earn points for our team. It was good fun especially trying to hook the ducks out of the water, a lot harder than it looks, a few choice words were muttered. At 8:00pm it was raining and windy on our way over to the barn. We continued the team competitions, starting with "Family Fortunes" followed by "Match the Hat" to music. A pile of hats were spread out at one end of the barn and each team selected one member to stand at the other end of the barn, as soon as they recognised the tune they raced to put the hat on their head that matched the song. It was all played to the rules until the men in particular, Joe, Richard, Dave  and Keith tried to prevent each other from getting to the hat first and ended up in a heap on the floor trying to pinch the correct hat off of each others head, causing a laugh.

SUNDAY. Rain and wind during the night. Packed away equipment before the rain came down again. Over to the barn at 11:00am for reports from Rally Officer and Chairman. The weekend competition was won by the Jams (well done). Dawn and Steve won the Dingbats competition. The raffle was won by Bill Dawson, Bonus Ball once again was won by Derek Lawler Jones.

A very big thank you to the Stanford Group, Rita, Bill, Pat and Derek for all their hard work and an absolutely wonderful weekend.  Also thank you to Chris and Clive for finding an excellent venue and hopefully it will be used on other occassions.

See you all soon.
Joy & Keith


13th to 15th July
Four Winds Caravan Park

THURSDAY. We arrived early afternoon to find 4 vans already there. We set up in glorious sunshine very quickly and ready to chill with a nice cold drink. Sir Barry the jousting builder arrived shortly after us. Lady Catherine was to arrive later on. After a lazy afternoon and supper we sat outside in the evening with a nice cool breeze, just chatting and having the compulsory glass of wine or beer. Sir Barry was getting a little agitated as Cathy was later than expected but she managed to find us as dusk was falling. We stayed out until almost eleven oclock under the stars it was lovely.

FRIDAY. Woke up at 7.30 Soooo hot in the caravan and outside was already 74c.! Sir Barry and Richard The Turd were soon busy assembling the jousting tent and other equipment in readiness for tomorrow. We went into the Co-op in Sible Hedingham and as it was so hot got back as quickly as possible. When the sun wasn't so hot and a few more had turned up the tent was erected with both ends open so the breeze could blow through. After evening meals we all went over to pay our dues and have a chat until curfew at 11 o'clock. A grand total of 18 vans, a good turn out. We also have 4 new Members, Mary, Fiona and Bob & Jo, a warm welcome to you all. A couple of vans had a struggle with the steep drive into the rally field but were helped in by Sir Clive and Sir Steven the Lionhearted. Well done chaps.

SATURDAY. Awoke once more to a beautiful blue sky and brilliant sunshine. It was all hands on deck to get everything assembled for the Grand Jousting Tournament this afternoon, Sir Barry has been very hard at work creating authentic looking stocks, and the jousting frame etc. We had Kelly, our Grandaughter and her partner arrive at 10 a.m. so we were preoccupied with our little "Great Grandson", they had such a great time and didn't go until after 8 pm. Sophie & Chris also turned up for a couple of hours so we had a full house. The start time was delayed a while until the heat had waned a bit. Promptly at the appointed time all the Knights, Ladies of the Court, serving wenches, peasants and the village idiot (guess who), even the youngsters had made a fantastic effort, everyone looked great. After a photo shoot, 2 teams were organised, both with men and women.

LET THE GAMES COMMENCE. So much going on, it is impossible to put it into words, it was certainly noisy, sweaty, fast, amusing, and most of all very wet!!!! In typical 77 Club fashion. Anyone who argued with the Knights, or cheated was placed in the stocks, where punishment was wet sponges which quickly became buckets, and eventually barrels of water. I think almost everyone got a good soaking before the afternoon was over. We even had horses for the jousting contest. A really fantastic afternoon of fun and water! After a Medieval Banquet held outdoors and shared by all, it was over the tent for the evening with a quiz followed by a sing song. Not a lot of spare room but we all managed to get in. (Just).

SUNDAY. Yet another blue sky, a really hot sultry night, so not much sleep in our van. Over to the tent for our meeting and prize giving. The Black Knight's team won the jousting, Edna won the raffle, Steve won a dancing competition the children had arranged, Julie the weekend shield design, Lilly won the children's colour competition and Derek Lawler Jones won the bonus ball, if there were others, sorry we missed you out.
As it was a lovely day many stayed on to enjoy the sunshine.
We must give a big THANK YOU to Barry & Cathy for all the hard work and efforts they had put in to making it a great weekend.

See everyone soon.
Pat & Bob xx


29th June to 1st July
Home Farm Fisheries
Saffron Walden

Thursday .... we went away today as we are hosting this weekend and Kev likes to get set up, we didn’t leave until 5.15pm as I had Arnie today, we had a lovely drive here, there were only 3 caravans here, we thought there would be lots more as the weather has been amazing, the sun was still shinning at 7.30 pm we soon set up, Kev popped out to get us dinner, 9.30 pm it’s still so light outside we took the dogs for a lovely walk around both fishing lakes and Tim said to Kev that he could use one of his fields to do some training, 10 pm we were just about to go over to sit outside with Pat and Derek but they went back inside their caravan, so off to bed I went while Kev watched TV.

Friday.... what a scorcher it was at 7 am this morning, Kev took the dogs over the field before it got too hot, we sat outside, had breakfast then sunbathed, this is just heaven, Kev did a little fishing, I sat by him watching the poor little fish being caught, more caravans turned up during the day, it’s far too hot to do anything, we even sat inside the caravan for shade, it was nice to see members that haven’t been out in a while and have a catch up with them, a massive welcome back to Sarah, Lee, Finley and Riley, we hope you enjoy your new caravan. Joe and Julie turned up, they have had trouble with their car, so pleased you got it sorted. I popped to Tesco with them to get the ice cream for tomorrow night. 9 pm we went to Chris n Clive’s caravan to pay our dues, Kev gave out the Itinerary and sorted the fishing competition for tomorrow morning. It got chilly so no one hung about tonight.

Saturday .... The fishing comp started at 8 am they all got their swims and Kev blew the whistle, I didn’t get up until 9 am, this is so nice as I don’t normal have a lay in, once I was ready I cooked the fishermen and Dawn bacon and sausage sandwich’s, thanks to Amanda for being my delivery lady, everyone was very grateful for their breakfast. I sat down by Kev and watched him fish, he was catching lots, I also took lots of photos of everyone (see  web), 2 pm soon came round, Kev blew the whistle again, thanks to julie for writing the weights down, Steve D and his son-in-law Jordon were  tie so they had another hours fishing, a massive well done to Jordon for winning. After the comp all the children had a few hours fishing, after more sunbathing it was time for dinner, it was decided not to mass BBQ.  8pm Kev set up our evening film viewing, we are going to watch "THE GREATEST SHOWMAN", thanks to Chris n Clive for letting us use the side of your caravan and thanks to Finley for going around our members caravan and borrowing their wind breaks, it was so cosy, we all got together at 8.30 pm but just needed to wait a little while as it got darker to start our film, thanks to the children for helping me give out the popcorn, we all got settled to watch the film with our blankets wrapped around us. In the interval I got the ice creams ready, thanks again to the children for handing them out. We hope you all enjoyed the film as much as we did, and you can all go and do your weekend Quiz as it’s based on this film. 11 pm came round too quick and everyone went back to their caravans.

Sunday ..... another beautiful hot morning, I sat outside while Kev cooked our breakfast on the griddle, 11 am it was back over to Chris n Clive’s caravan for coffee morning, prize giving and birthdays, the weekend has been brilliant. I must say I could get used to joining the Thursday club it really was nice having that extra day, some packed up and went early while others wanted to stay and make the most of this beautiful weather, we hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did and have a very safe journey home.

Love Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie


Ferry Boat Inn
North Fambridge
15th to 17th June

Sorry but because we won the arrival prize we have to write a rally report on the rally we hosted with Ron and Doreen, Diane and Roland with help from their girls.
We arrived Thursday midday to a lovely cut field and the sun shining and we were shortly followed by another 6
caravans. We had old members Bob and Carolyn over to tea that night so it was good to catch up.
Some of the other members went over the pub to eat and drink.

On Friday another 12 vans trickled in during the day, again the weather was lovely. We went for a drive and had a walk round Burnham on sea, which was very pleasant, and the Rossi ice cream was even better.
The men put up the tent so we could pay our monies at 9 o'clock. We now have another member that joined, Kim and Brett Westbroom and children Emily and Charlie who have a large camper van.

Saturday morning we just relaxed then at midday we went to the pub for lunch with Doreen and Ron and Diane and Roland to celebrate his forthcoming 70th Birthday, very nice it was too. In the afternoon we all went crabbing down on the waterfront, the weather changed to windy as the tide was high but everyone seemed to enjoy it, even Kevin and his dogs went for a swim. The adult winners were Kathy and Barry and the child's
prize went to Leyton with a lot of help from his family.
As there were a lot of guests we all had our BBQ near the vans as it was easier.
Evening entertainment was focused on celebrating Roland's 70th Birthday with children and adult games
which was difficult as there was not much space. A Team quiz, which Doreen had organised and Musical Bingo, which after a couple of false calls Brett won the line and Roland won full house.
A lovely buffet was made by Diane, and Doreen made Roland a cake which was shaped like a mini. It was also David Westbroom's Birthday so another cake, and we sung again and then sung again as it will be Derek's
Birthday on the 20th.
Thank you for all your help on the night and your participation in the quizzes and games.

Sunday a little rain before breakfast then it dried out to a warm and cloudy day. 11am coffee and prizes, then the men took down the tent. Some caravans went home then as they needed to get home for Father's Day.
We left at about 2.20 pm leaving another 2 caravans packing up.

See you at Hedingham as we will not be going to the fishing rally.

Kathy and Richard.


FRIDAY .... This is a close rally for us so didn’t take long to get here, there’s lots of caravans already here, we soon set up, the sun was beautiful so we had our dinner outside, a couple more caravans turned up (20). Brett,Kim and Charlie and Emily Wesbroom have joined this weekend, it’s so nice to see child members coming back with their own family and motor home, a massive welcome to you all, we hope you all enjoy yourselves, Kev and I took the dogs for a walk down to the sea and boats, the tide was out so Kev kept the dogs on the lead as no way were they getting in the stinky mud, it’s such a lovely evening I could have walked for hours, we got back and went over to pay our dues at 9pm, it’s nice seeing so many members out, Kathy, Richard and friends are hosting this weekend. I went back to the caravan as my chest started to weeze.

Saturday ..... beautiful morning so Kev cooked our breakfast outside, it’s so lovely sitting there watching the children laughing and playing, members popped out shopping, Kev took me to Morrison’s as he wanted to get a 32oz steak they were doing on special at £8, so I bought 2, on the way back we stopped at the seafood van, I bought a crab for myself and jellied eels for Rita as a thank you for her help on holiday.Itwas lovely to see Keith and Joy and their grandchildren come to visit. Others also had visitors that wanted to do crabbing with us. 3 pm we all walked down to the water for crabbing, it was great seeing so many enjoying it, lots of crabs were caught, our dogs went in for a swim, thanks to Ian and those that helped save our Mr Bourne, he went round the wrong way and couldn’t get out of the sea, Kev jumped in to help him  while Ian pulled him up, we got back to our caravans. washed the dogs then it was time for dinner, Kev cooked our steak, it was amazing, but it was so big we couldn’t finish it.  The children had a water fight, it’s so nice hearing them laughing.
As it’s Dave W birthday today and Roland’s 70th next Wednesday Diane and family had made a little buffet for us all, the evening started off with children’s games, then Doreen had made up lots of Quiz’s and we had 6 teams, we had music bingo then our buffet, then adult pass the parcel, which Kev won. Leyton was upset as his nanny didn’t win, so Kev gave it to him, he soon started to smile. 11pm soon came round I went back to our caravan, members still stayed in the gazebo chatting, a massive thank you for a great evening.

Sunday ... I didn’t have a great sleep as the rain woke me up twice, yet the sun was shinning when we got up, after breakfast I went over to the gazebo to cut some hair, 11 am was coffee and prize giving, well done to everyone that won a prize, Richard won the arrival prize, well done to Kathy and Barry for catching the most crabs (it did pay off making your own crabbing line), most members didn’t hang around as it’s Father’s Day and we all had things going on with our families, it’s been a fantastic weekend, thank you to our hosts you did very well.
Hope you all have a safe journey home.
Hope to see you out at the fishing rally x

Love Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie xx


Newbourne Village Hall
18th to 20th May

Fri.... we had a lovely drive here, roads were very good, the sun was shining and everyone was sitting outside enjoying the rays, there’s 9 caravans here.
9 pm over to the hall for our normal paying our dues and getting our Itinerary from Chris and Clive, thanks to those that sent their parents wedding photos to Chris, the weekend quiz was for us to guess who they belonged to, my god it was so hard, I only guest 3 and two of them were our parents 😂, back to the caravan, it has turned so cold, I put the gas on to warm the caravan up.

Sat.... another amazing day, we had our cooked breakfast outside, then had a drive to Felixstowe, had a lovely walk with the dogs along the beach, had an ice cream, sat and watched the world go by, it wasn’t really busy as it’s the Royal Wedding today so I guess lots of people will be home watching it on TV, Peter had set a big screen up in the hall for those that wanted to watch it, we got back to our caravan around 2 pm as we were having a "field" party for the Royal Wedding, everyone set their dinner tables out in Red, White and Blue, we had flags, banners and balloons, even Harry and Megan turned up to eat with us, we had recycled banners from William and Kate’s wedding, (which caused a laugh), we sat down to eat at 4 pm, some members went back over the hall to watch the football on the big screen, then at 8 pm it was back over the hall for a fun Quiz, I was happy when Chris read out questions on children’s films, (when I know it I know It,) we had lots of cheese and biscuits that were offered around as we had eaten earlier today so it was nice having some nibbles, the evening came to a end far to quick.

Sun.... my god it’s hot this morning, it was decided to have coffee morning outside as it’s too nice to go in the hall, 11 am we went over to the flag for prize giving, Chris told us who the photos belonged to, I couldn’t believe which parents belonged to our members, I was rubbish and only got 3, the winner got 4 so I didn’t feel that bad, and one member got 1 so I felt even better 😂. Joe spoke about our holiday next week, we pray you all have a safe journey and look forward to spending the week with you all, Pat and Derek are going from here, so drive safe, no one rushed off as it’s so nice here, we had a cook up before we packed away. Wishing everyone that isn’t going on the club holiday, but doing there own holiday, a very safe journey to whereever you are going..

Love Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie


May Day Norton Village Hall
4th to 7th May

Well it was a right belter of a May day rally, good weather and a lot of vans made it a super rally,we had gone out to get some food and by the time we got back more vans had arrived, most of us just sat around talking and soaking up the sun, which we hadn't seen for sometime.
Friday evening it was over the hall to pay our money and enter for the raffles and quizzes,and to catch up on any news, we all stayed till late, and then made our way back to vans.

Saturday was beginning to warm up very early so again out come the chairs for more sunbathing, we had lunch, then decided to take a walk to the pub, which luckly was just up the road, we sat there when in came Rita and Bill, we had a chat and a laugh then Chris and Clive joined us. Then as time was getting on we came back to our van for another rest or maybe a kip or two.
Saturday evening was over the hall for more entertainment supplied by Pete and his excellent quizzes that really tested the brainbox, well done Pete.
Sunday of course was May day, Clive had brought the May Pole for the occasion and was erected in the middle of the field, once set up we formed a circle with our chairs to watch, the ladies were first to have a go with Pete supplying the music, they gave it their best, even getting some youngsters to join in, well the men just had to have a go and even though we got into a few knots we did well, l think we could call ourselves the pole dancing club of the east coast.Well it was hot that day so as always it ended with a water fight with the younger members.

Sunday evening was over the hall for more fun and games with Pete supplying the entertainment, the quizzes created a lot of booing from different teams ,and was a good laugh. Sadly Monday came to quick, so we all made it to the hall to hear the results of the competitions and who had won, and to thank every one who had helped to make it a brilliant May Day Rally.
No one was really keen to go home, so most didn,t rush off.
So hope to see you soon at another rally, and hope the weather stays the same.

Barry & Kath


Friday... we didn’t leave until late today, Kev got away from work earlier, hoping to leave but I had Arnie today and took him to sensory for Hayley as she went with lilly to Worwickshire uni as lilly is starting an orthodontist course, and Hayley will be her mentor , when I got home Kev was waiting outside for me, he didn’t look very happy, he said he had bad news for me, sadly Nigel Usher (East coast Leisure), had past away today, he has only been poorly a few months, we are heart broken life is so cruel, the only good thing is he suffers no more, our heart goes out to Lynn, Tom and Stacy, also for those that new Kevin Martinelli, his wife Ann past away and was buried today, so a double shock, our thoughts go to Kevin, Lois and Gina also.
The traffic wasn’t too bad so we soon got here in under two hours safe, the sun was still out and members were sitting outside their caravans, (19 units here ).
Gracie and Dottie went straight over the park while we set up, hen over to the hall for teas/coffee and paying our fees, I ended up cooking our dinner in the hall, then we had a nice catch up with members.

Saturday .... it’s beautiful this morning the sun was beaming down, we had our cooked breakfast outside 😎, my god it’s so hot, I tinted Debs hair and cut a few members hair, some members had a drive out, but we decided to stay put as it’s too hot to go out. We set the paddling pool up for the children, they do love water to play with, after lunch I got out our craft box and the children came outside our caravan to make things, thanks to Diane and Roland for the children’s lollies, it was much appreciated in this HOT SUN, I must say I've enjoyed every moment of this weekend lazing around. We had good entertainment this afternoon watching Barry trying to lay down on his sun bed, it was like something from a carry on film, (with the help of Kathy he finally got it), 5 pm we BBQ'd and ate outside, this weather has been a long time coming.  8 pm over to the hall for Peters quiz on the BIG SCREEN, lots of laughs and fun, I took Dottie back to the caravan as her eyes were hanging out.

Sunday..... Another HOT day, Kev n Bob went out for a boot sale, came back just in time for bacon bagels, Kev had got a few bargains.  The children went over the park and met up with some children that lived near by, the committee had a meeting in the hall, it was fantastic having Kev with me instead of him going to the meeting., Cathrine gave the children more lollies, so thank you very much for them. 2 pm we had our annual "May Pole" dancing, thanks to Peter for the music and to Clive and Chris for bringing the pole.  I invited the children from the park to come and join us, we had a brilliant time, thanks to everyone that joined in, (even Gracie did this year and loved it), half time Gracie and I handed out water melon and mango for refreshments, which was lovely and refreshing, after our Maypole I got lots of water balloons for the children, it turned out to be a massive water fight, the children loved it, the children from the village thanked us for making them so welcome and allowing them to join in. It was soon dinner time so most of us BBQ'd again and ate outside. 8 pm over to the hall again for Bill and Derek's Bingo, the winnings was £2 to £22 for full house, Peter did another Quiz on the BIG SCREEN, the children sat on their own table and were very well behaved, colouring and drawing while this was going on.

Monday..... we didn’t wake up until 9.45 am, it just goes to show having these late nights it wears the children out, another very HOT morning , we had breakfast outside but had to sit under the umbrella as it’s so hot, 11 am over to the hall for coffee morning, prize giving, etc, this has been a lovely weekend I could do with staying on longer, Gracie and Dottie asked if they can stay another day, everyone started to pack up as we had to be off the field by 3 pm as the village hall had another use for the field this evening. This is a lovely venue, the new committee have done so much to the hall, it would be nice to come back.
 We hope everyone has a safe journey home and see you out soon.

Love Kev Karla Gracie Dottie mr Bourne n Ronnie xx


27th to 29th April 2018

Ron and I arrived at the village hall and field Friday evening to find only 5 other units there surprisingly. The grass had been cut and it is a lovely level field. Thank you Diane for a nice cup of tea and Roland for filling our water barrel. After getting organised and having dinner it was time to gather in the hall for the usual greetings and pay our Rally fees. But to our delight the hall was already occupied by the local bowls club who welcomed us in and it was lovely and warm. They had the bar open so we of course had to oblige with no encouragement whatsoever lol! The bowls club set up the indoor carpet bowls and played while we watched on for a while then we were invited to play with them. I didn’t think it would be quite so much fun, oh we had such a laugh, as on the centre of the carpet lay a wooden island - well that must have grown each time when a couple of our players had their turn, they just couldn’t get the bowls to bend around the island.

Saturday was free to do as we pleased during the day, but in the evening we gathered in the hall again. (This time just 77 Club no bowls club members) It’s a nice clean hall, kitchen and toilets, and again lovely and warm. The tables were set for 2 teams ready to play Bully’s Quiz Night, a trivia question game, subject determined by where the magnetic dart lands on the smallest target we’ve ever seen. Thanks to Chris and Clive for organising that, and Peter for playing the music. Again another good laugh and enjoyable evening.

Sunday came round all too quick unfortunately so we all got together in the hall for coffee morning.
Thanks again Chris for making our hot drinks. This is when we found out that our team won the Bully’s quiz, due to scoring higher point questions on the target, we believe!
Thank you to all on this rally for helping to make it enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing you again and other members this coming weekend at the Mayday rally at Norton.

All the best,
Doreen and Ron xx


13th /15th April 2018

Friday..... we didn’t leave until 4.30 pm, Kev wanted to go on the A12 but our turning was shut off because of a car accident, as we drove past the slip road it opened again, (we were seconds too late), so ended up going miles out of our way, but to be honest we had a lovely drive here, when we arrived Clive and Chris were parked by the hall in there new caravan, (I’ll have a nose in it tomorrow). Thanks to Julie for Kev's tea and to Joe for helping Kev set up, Julie said there’s a fish n chip shop round the corner so we walked round there, it saved me cooking. Over to the hall to pay Clive our weekend fees, there’s only 7 caravans this weekend, Joe told us there’s some news he needed to tell us, the hall had been double booked for Saturday evening for a surprise 60th birthday, with a live band so, we could have used the side hall, but it was decided to go over to the pub next door for the evening, to be honest I think it will be better and more cosy as this hall is far too big for 14 of us. I cut Julie’s hair, then it was back to our caravans.

Saturday ....what a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, Kev cooked me breakfast, and after a very lazy morning we had a drive into Nacton with Joe and Julie, Joe wanted to put a bet on as it’s the grand national, this is the very first time I have ever been in a bookies, we all chose our horses, the one I chose we couldn’t see on the TV screen so Julie said choose another one, (which I did),  I didn’t really no what I was doing, we had a look around the shops and bought a few goodies, before driving to the caravan we had a drive to the marina hoping to let the dogs have a swim, but there was "no parking" signs everywhere, so that didn’t happen, we also popped into the farm shop on the way back, you needed to be a millionaire to shop there, it was so expensive. When we got back Clive and Chris had moved their caravan over by the rest of us. The sun was shining so we had our lunch outside between Joe and our caravans, listening to the sounds of the sixties, everyone brought their chairs, beers, and wine over to us and we all sat outside in the beautiful sun talking about old rallies. Chris L was telling us about the big snake that lives with them in France, Joe then started telling us about the hundreds of giant snakes in his garden that attacked him,until Kev took over the story and said they were 2 slow worms, some members got different drinks out and let us try them, it was a very nice afternoon,
Kev put the radio on so we could listen to the Grand National, Joe got very excited as his horse was leading and won, the one I was going to bet on came in 3rd, (but I didn’t think it was running,) so I bet on a different horse that didn’t come anywhere, before we new it,  it was 5.30 pm, we cooked in our caravans and at 8pm it was over to the pub, the landlady gave us the top of the bar so we all sat together, Joe and Kev had a game of pool then Richard played the winner, (Joe), it was very nice and cosy, we all had a drink bought for us as a sorry that we didn’t use the hall, Kev and I went back to the caravan 10.15 pm, it’s been such a relaxing weekend we were shattered, the music coming from the hall was very loud, but it didn’t bother us.

Sunday.... it’s very foggy this morning, I didn’t wake up until 10am even though the fields behind us were being ploughed from 7am, I didn’t hear a thing, thanks to Julie for cooking Kev breakfast, he said it was fantastic, we had our coffee morning at 11am over the hall, we took our own drinks over as it wasn’t worth boiling the urn, it was a very quick coffee morning.
Chris and Ray won the raffle, Kev won the bonus ball, Joe won the Poole last night.
This has been a very relaxing weekend, thank you all for your company looking forward to see you all out next time, drive safe.

Karla, Kev, Mr Bourne n Ronnie xxx


​​Whepstead Community Centre
29th March to 2nd April 2018

Arrived Thursday midday to a lovely sunny day with a beautiful green playing field which was welcoming us so that we could have a lovely weekend.
                          WRONG - it was only a dream

Take 2

Arrived Thursday midday to find Kathy and Barry trying to find which side of the field was the firmest for our caravans, after deciding by the trees, we parked up and the others started to follow on, the field was very boggy. We new once we were on the field we were stuck till Monday. Some more caravans turned up and they had the sense to park on the car park.
It then started to rain, luckily we had put the porch awning up. We all met up in the hall in the evening to pay our monies.

Friday it rained, and then most of the caravaners in the afternoon went on a walk to the pub and back. We then went over the hall for tea and hot cross buns. Evening entertainment was a music bingo, which Peter, who made a very good job of, especially as our team won twice, Ha Ha Joe!

Saturday woke up and it was not raining so most people went out for a ride. Doreen, Ron and ourselves went to Bury St Edmonds, it took us longer to find the car park and park than it did walking round the shops, still we had a very nice brunch.
Evening entertainment was by Steve and Dawn, who did a brilliant job with their fun n games. Guess what Joe, our team won again Ha Ha!

Sunday it was mostly dry and at 11 am we went over to the hall and we had the Easter Bonnet competition, everyone had made a good effort. The children then had an Easter Egg Hunt and thoroughlyenjoyed it. By now every time we ventured out of the caravan our footwear was caked in mud.
Evening we had a comedian who entertained us for an hour and half. Richard said he was very good and everyone was roaring with laughter. I do think he should have included the children in his act as they had to sit on a table at the back, but they were all very good. Maybe next time we could just have a children's entertainer.
Several people left today as they had other commitments (not daft), we got back to the caravan and then it started to rain and then it never stopped till midday on Bank Holiday Monday.

Monday we went to the hall for coffee and quiz results. Then we all had to be towed off the lovely muddy field by Clive and his helpers, I think Kevin managed to get off the field by himself.
Many thanks for all the help we got at the weekend and everyone's hard work.  Richard & Kathy.


Thursday .... we didn’t come on the rally today as I had a FORGET- ME- NOT meeting, and I've been talking to new parents so needed to be there. Hope everyone got to this venue safe, there were 19 caravans this weekend.

Friday..... we got the caravan ready yesterday so once the girls got round we were ready to set off, it was nice and dry when we left Laindon, had a lovely drive here, not much traffic, when we arrived we noticed the field was very wet so some members had stayed on the car park, but most caravans were on the field.  Kev got out of the car and had a walk around the field and decided where to park, the entrance was very boggy and muddy, so Kev drove carefully, Gracie and Dottie noticed the park, so on went their wellies and they were off. Thank you Rita for Kevs coffee, it was much appreciated. We soon set up and had lunch, a few members went out for our annual "Good

Friday" walk, and ended up in the local pub, it started to rain and didn’t stop, the field is getting more boggy so it was suggested once our cars were driven off the field, we were to keep them parked in the car park, once everyone got back from their walk it was over to the hall for Dawns HOT X BUNS. Those that had been on the walk were very wet so their coats were put on the radiators to dry off,  5.30 pm we went back to our caravans to cook dinner, 8 pm it was over to the hall for Peters music Quiz, Kev took Gracie over, but Dottie fell asleep so I stayed in our caravan, I quite enjoyed laying there listening to the rain falling. Kev said that Peter had hosted this evening, a music Bingo, I hear everyone had a great evening. I hear poor Caitlin hurt her foot so Roland ended up in A and E this evening and when she returned she was on crutches.

​Saturday..... the rain still hasn’t stopped, the field is getting wetter and muddier, but that doesn’t bother the children as they still played out in the park this morning, Kev went out to the car to get it sorted so we can go out to Bury but we had a flat battery, so he gave it a jump start from our other battery, had a lovely walk around Bury shopping centre, thank god the rain had stopped, after lunch we took the girls over the park, it’s so muddy I had to wash Dottie’s coat in the hall. 8 pm it’s over the hall tonight hosted by Steve n Dawn with fun and games !!!! Wot a laugh we had, lots of cheating. It was lovely to see Janet, Gill and Harry come to visit us today, (sorry I didn’t get to say goodby to you), I bought the children confetti balloons which they enjoyed playing with, even when one popped and made a lot of mess, then the children were trying to pop them all, I went back to our caravan early as Dottie was sick so I ended up watching the voice on catch up.

Sunday ..... it rained hard again through the night, Kev went outside to hide the girls eggs (that we got them), Dottie was so excited finding them as last year she was too young, wet and cold it was back into our caravan for breakfast.
Rita, Bill, Eric and Glynis went home early, thanks to those that pulled them off the field, 11 am soon came and it was over to the hall for the children’s Easter Egg Hunt and our Easter Bonnet Parade, thanks to those that made their bonnets, they were fantastic, lots of effort was made, Joe introduced the bonnets, I took loads of photos (see photo's on web), it was soon time for the children’s Easter egg hunt, while Joe was getting the children in their groups, Julie and Clive were outside hiding the plastic eggs, we had a "bunny rabbit" come to see the children, some children were a little nervous until Gracie shouted don’t worry it’s only my poppa, Joe announced the Boy and Girl of the year, it was well deserved by Willow and Logan, well done. The morning came to an end, our members went back to their caravans for lunch, I cut a few hairs, then used the halls kitchen to cook our Roast dinner, Abbi, Ella, James and Winnie came to visit us and stayed for dinner, also Dawn and Steve had dinner with us, after we cleaned up it was back to our caravan for a relax, (well not for me), 8 pm we went over to the hall for our live entertainment, I’m not a great fan of comedians, as I don’t get their jokes, but he was very funny and we all had a great evening, poor Ray, Barry, Joe, Paula and Tina got picked on. A massive thank you to Dawn and Kathy for getting the craft things for the children to make, they had great fun, once again the evening came to a end, so back to our caravan, within 10 minutes both of the girls were asleep, it was still raining let’s see how we all get off the field tomorrow,

Monday.... we woke up with a pond around our caravan, the rain was still falling, our Jess came to collect the girls as they are going to Hull, the girls have loved this weekend even though it’s been wet and muddy, Gracie asked me to say a big thank you for her and Dottie’s Easter Eggs, and that she loves all her friends in the caravan club, 11am over to the hall for coffee and prize giving, a massive well done to everyone that won a prize, Kevin wasn’t pleased with Chris's weekend Quiz as he couldn’t google it, well done to the committee for a fantastic weekend, I charged my Mobil up to get ready to take photos/videos of our caravans getting off the field, our men started to get in their cars as we watched. Thanks to Clive for having his car ready to pull our caravans off and to the men that helped with the tow ropes, the first prize goes to Kev for getting off without any help. I must say Ian did a good job getting as far as he did, the best one was poor Barry, who ended up laying in the mud trying to fix the tow rope under his car, although it’s been so wet and muddy I must say it was great fun watching you all, I really do think our men also enjoyed the fun, we hope you all had a safe journey home, we took the scenic route through Newmarket, it brought back great memories from when we used to go there, once again thanks for a great weekend, Yet again our children/grand children did us proud.

Love Kev Karla Gracie Dottie Mr Bourne n Ronnie


Roding Hall Farm
High Roding
16th to 18th March 2018

FRI... this is our first rally of the year and my god am I looking forward to it. Kev had the day off so came up early. I had hospital with Netty so Kev came back for me tonight, we got fish and chips on the way to the caravan as it would have been late by the time I cooked. Only 8 caravans came this weekend, I think the weather is going to be bad so a few members were put off. We had a little walk to the village hall, brought back memories of the little old halls we use to have. It seemed strange Kev not standing up as rally officer. Clive did a grand job and we wish him all the very best in his new role, (and I’m soooo looking forward to having Kev all for myself).
Joe, Julie, Bob and Deb are hosting this rally so more fun to look forward to tomorrow night. We only stayed a while as we left Ronnie in the caravan for the first time on his own.

Sat..... Woke up to a lovely surprise of white snow this morning, Kev took Ronnie out for a run and came back frozen and turned the heating up high. I’m having HOT sweats so wasn’t very keen on being over heated. Kev said yesterday, those that were here sat outside as the weather was so nice, doesn’t seem possible, our weather can change so quickly. After our cooked breakfast we were going to pop out but decided to stay put in our lovely warm caravan. This afternoon it was lovely to see John, Joan and Pam pull up on the field, they aren’t staying but came for the evening. Although with the snow falling hard they might end up having to stay. A few of us had a walk to the local pub for a drink, it was lovely sitting by the open log fire, got back had hot soup, I’ve never known me to fall asleep during the day, but I did  it’s been so relaxing. Kev popped out with Mark as he had run out of gas. When I woke up the field was white and the snow was falling heavy, we may all end up staying here.
Steve and Dawn came to visit for tonight’s fun. 8 pm it was over to the hall, thanks to Mark for driving us as the snow was falling heavy, we had a great night, all to do with "St Patricks Day", we even had a live leprechaun in the shape of Joe, we had Parsnip and Onion Skittles, had to draw a map of Ireland and name certain parts, with the obvious cheating going on. As the evening was flowing so was the snow, it was decided to do coffee morning tonight. Joe gave out the golden coins to all those that won tonight’s quizes, Clive did his rally officers job, it was very brave of Pam to stand up and thank the club for her flowers and donation that The 77 club had sent her for the sad loss of Derek.
It was very nice to see you out this weekend and would love for you to continue. Thanks to everyone that helped tidy the hall, we said our good byes to John, Joan and Pamand Steve and Dawn, we pray you all get home safe as the snow is even heavier now. Edna got in Mark’s car as no way was she walking in this weather, let’s see what the weather is like in the morning, and hope we all get home safe.

Sun.... It was the worst night sleep Ive ever had, the wind was so strong and noisy outside I just couldn’t get to sleep. It seemed strange not having coffee morning, but as the snow was still here we all decided to get home. I pray you all had a safe journey home, see you at Easter x

Love Karla, Kev and Ronnie

Ps We left Mr Bourne at home as Abbi is doing training with him.

Psss Mark and Ann won the rally report but gave Kev the fudge so I write this report.



Ron and I would just like to say what a fabulous time we had. Not just on New Years Eve night, when we all enjoyed a delicious three course meal followed by chocolates and coffee, thanks to Kathy for organising all the food, and all the dancing to Peter’s disco (great job thanks), plus extra fun was had with a box full of hats, wigs, glasses etc - thanks, good thinking Pat.
But we also had fun on Saturday, gathered together in the hall with our own cooked meals after which we paid our Rally fees then played games.
Monday some members had to go home unfortunately. Then came evening again, we cooked our own meals and sat together in the hall after which followed more games - what a laugh we all had.
Tuesday came then it was time for the rest of us to pack up and depart.
Happy & Healthy New Year to you all, and we look forward to seeing you February at the day meet and rallying thereafter. 

All the best
Doreen and Ron


​Just to say a big thank you to the people that attended New Year as we did not stop laughing from the moment we arrived till we went home.
Weather was not too bad, a bit chilli and windy the first days and rainy at night and a bit during Sunday but apart from that it did not snow or freeze.
We all arrived on Saturday about Midday so we went to the hall for a chat then everyone went over at 6pm for a meal that we had cooked in our vans, Derek washed up and we all helped to dry. We all paid what we owed then had a good old catch up.

Sunday morning we ladies went over the hall to prepare for the evening meal and then the men came over and hung up the balloon net and blew up the balloons. Peter set up all his disco equipment and put up a sheet so we could watch the videos that went with the songs. Thank you Peter.
6pm we all went over the hall and had a 3 course meal with coffee and mints to follow. Many thanks to all of my helpers as I could not have done it without you.
Richard washed and others helped to dry and then put away.
Then the celebrations began:-  We danced, played with the dressing up boxes that Rita and Pat had brought, did every party dance you could think of, we had to sit down and dance to save our energy.

Catherine and Ian turned up and brought his Dad and step mum with him, which was nice. Little Maddie loved to dance, she tried to do all the party dances with her mum, Tracey.

Midnight arrived and we all sang and danced to Old Lang Syne. Then time for bed as we were all tired.

Monday -  cleaned up the hall then Chris n Dave, and Diane n Roland had to go because of work and family commitments.

In the afternoon us and Doreen and Ron went for a drive and a walk round Dunmow which was nice but cold, never mind it did us good to get out.

We all cooked our own dinners again and took them over the hall at 7 p.m. so we could all eat together, we had plenty of desserts left over from yesterday so we finished them off.

Now down to the serious things of playing a game of pass the parcel, trying to open it with a pair of oven gloves on and some one else having to throw the two dice, somehow Rita won. Next, even more serious, "Family Fortunes", no contest, our team consisting of Peter, Edna, me, Richard, Doreen and Ron won as the other side kept arguing over the answers and kept helping
each other with the answers, Derek thought his pickled walnuts should have been a winner and was quite upset that it wasn't and he kept on and on about it all night.
Pat started off being the compare then Mike took over, even he could not stop them arguing, if they listened to the answers to which the other members had given that would have been half the battle!!!!!!
We laughed and argued all night so when we stopped just after 10 pm we thought we better give up while we were still talking to each other.
Peter gave the results out for the quiz and we won, (don't die of shock), I think it was Christine Westbroom's 2 answers she gave me just as she was going home, (sorry Christine, we shared out the orange slices).

The hall was then cleared up so that we would be nearly ready for a getaway tomorrow.

Many thanks to all that had attended the rally as we had a lovely time and enjoyed every minute with the company and we did not have to worry about dressing up or singing.

Thanks again for all the help over the weekend and to Clive on his first Rally Officers job, he did very well, so hopefully many more to come without any hassles.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the forthcoming rallies.

Kathy and Richard


Arrived at approx. 11.45 just behind Richard Crossman. A conversation ensued between Richard and Clive as to where they should park. Whilst this was ‘going on’ two more vans arrived in the driveway. Fortunately one of those was Bill and Rita with keys to the hall. After some discussion parking was organised and everybody set up without any problems.

Saturday at 6.00 pm we all took our various dinners over to the hall, and at 8ish Bill set up with Clive to start taking rally fees. Some background music provided by Peter, we just sat around chatting and having a quiet drink to start our weekend off.

Sunday, over to the hall for putting up decorations, peeling veg and generally getting ready for the evening shin dig.
6.00p.m. over to the hall, the tables were decorated with candles and crackers awaiting a fabulous 3 course meal cooked by Kathy Crossman and her helpers. The meal was followed by coffee with mints, cheese and biscuits, if you had room. 
There was so much food we had to wait quite a while to start the celebrations because we were all so full.

Eventually the music with singing and dancing was underway. Pat L J had brought some comic wigs, hats and glasses and these were passed around creating some hilarity. Some looked quite bizarre while others were just funny. A great night was had by all culminating in the usual Auld Lang Syne, followed by "When you walk through a storm"  etc.

Monday, most got up late. Over to the hall for cleaning. Diane and Roland went home today as did David and Chris. Clive and I went off to my daughter Kerry’s for dinner as she only lives 5 mins away. Another big meal for us, but so nice to be with family. Justin and Emily came also as they are home for Christmas.

Back on site by 6.30 and over to hall at 8.00 to finish off our New Year break.  A minimal amount of drinking tonight as we have to drive home in the morning.
We played ‘Family Fortunes’ in two teams as there were only a few of us left. That proved to be hilarious, with lots of cheating as usual.

Tuesday morning and we were all up fairly early as getting home before the rain set in was paramount.

A brilliant weekend thanks to everybody who came and made it so.

Chris & Clive


40th Anniversay
Dinner & Dance
18th November 2017
Room in the Rodings

Thursday.....we came this evening, soon set up in the dark, I hope others come as it’s going to be scary here on our own !!! , It wasn’t long before Mark and Ann came, we spent the evening in their cosy warm van,

Friday... it was pure white when we opened the blinds this morning, yet the sun was so strong, I cooked breakfast while Kev started to work out where everyone is going to park with their caravans, Mark washed his caravan while Ann took me to Tesco, we got back to see 6 caravans had turned up, and lots more to follow (20).  A few members decided not to bring their caravans so no-one needed to go on the field. Although it’s very cold the sun is beautiful, we went into the hall to set it up for tonights get together meal, 7 pm over to the hall for our take away, it was a surprise to see Rita n Bill and Pat n Derek turn up for this evening, most members came over, some had Chinese others had fish/chips and we had Indian. Doreen made a fantastic Anniversary cake for the 77 club 40th celebrations which we sang our tradition song as Edna blew the candle out.
We didn’t have a late night, Kev locked up the hall, it was nice sitting in our caravan all cosy.

Saturday .... it’s so cold this morning, Kev took Mark, Ann and me to North Weald market, it was so smal,l nothing like it used to be, we bought a few bits, then back to our caravan to warm up, our DJ (Martin Day), was there setting up for our disco tonight, as he had to get back to turn on Southend Christmas lights this afternoon, we had our usual nibbles in the hall while I did lots of hair. Mark and Ann had guests, (Jim and Hayley,) so they joined us. After setting up the round tables and putting Julie’s amazing Centre Decoration in the middle, we gave each other our Christmas presents, back to our caravans for a chill out, (or snooze for Kevin). before getting ready to go for this evenings party , a few of us went over earlier to help joe n julie set the last bits up , 6pm Everyone was welcomed with a glass of Baileys or fresh orange. I took everyone's photo's in their lovely smart dresses and evening suits, (see Photo' on Web) Joe asked us to take our seats and our fun evening began, I must say that our table centre decoration was beautiful Julie had made everyone a personal glass with the 40th Anniversary etched on the base, the food was once again excellent, after dinner we had our Annual Trophy presentations, Derek LJ won the Fishing and Boules trophy, it was with great honour that Kev and I won Lady and Man of the Year, which is sadly going to be the last time this trophy will be given out as at the AGM it was suggested that it will not continue, I promise I will take much pleasure in keeping it and promise it will be well looked after. Martin Day, our DJ, was fantastic, he got the party going with a great swing, the evening came to end far to quick. After clearing up we went off for a much needed sleep, but when I got in I decided to up load this weekends photos which took me until 2.30 am.

Sunday ..... beautiful sunshine this morning, yet so cold, after our cooked breakfast we packed away, no one seemed to rush off but we are going to Mexico in the morning so needed to get home. This is our last rally for 2017, we hope everyone has a good New Year and may 2018 bring you much happiness, but most of all good health and good caravanning.
I must say I’m looking forward to having Kevin all to myself next year, with him having no duties, but we want to wish Clive all the best in his new roll of Rally Officer.
Hope you all had a safe journey home see you all in 2018.

Love Karla Kev xxxxxx