Abbess Hall Farm
10th to 12th August

Another Brilliant New Venue… well done Chris, fantastic we had the Gazebo rather than a hall and it worked a dream… all packed away now nice and Dry as we wont be using it now for the next 6 months OMG next Year !!!

A little overcast at times but good sunshing in a wonderful location, well that is after Bob Maskell had to widen and heighten the entrance gate with use of a Saw and a Hatchet… but all was good as he wiped all of the branches off the top of his camper, oh and he had a little skid coming in the Gate a little heavy footed I think, as the Golden Beauty roared up the field, all 10 cylinders fully lit and spinning wheels as he motored up the field  LOL ……only joking Bob

The Elsan was a bit of a challenge, as you had to drive to the tipping Point, well that’s not strictly true lets say it was easier to drive…… gosh we are so exercise conscious in our Club, it was funny Sunday Morning there was a traffic Jam at the elsan point as we all had the same idea at the same point  6  4x4s all lined up to empty their toilets one at a time Ha ha ha ah  brilliant..

Our Team won the QUIZ horrrrrrrray first time in a long time… well done to PETER who single handily did the weekend Quiz and hosted the Quiz on Saturday evening which was brilliant……… Only because we won ha ha ha
Well done and thank you Peter.

That’s it for now

See you all in a Pair of weeks

Cheers for now


West Newlands Farm
27th to 29th July

Another New Venue horrrrray  well done Chris, a fantastic venue which has potential for a Bank Holiday Venue
Wooo hooo I hear you all say.

It was a beautiful weekend and the sun was splitting the stones albeit we did have a little rain on the Friday and Saturday evening which was most welcome believe me, the poor little plants were screaming with delight and I am sure you could hear them !!!
Hosted by Pat, Derek, Bill and Rita this was a brilliant weekend, they organised games for us on Saturday afternoon which all added to your teams points…………. Well cheating in the true traditional 77 club style was the order of the day, It was brilliant, Hook the Duck – Lawn Bowles – American Bean Bags on the Grass and Golf…, It was brilliant, not to mention the CHEATING that went  on  in the hall that evening  when we had to match up the music to the Hats. It was a scramble to choose the correct hat for the music, we started at one end of the Hall and had to run to get the hats at the other end of the Hall, well at least that was the idea….. Except Dave and Ron had different IDEAS …. OH YES…. They chose to nobble each contestant and scutch them us they ran for the hats, they BIT, SCRATCHED and BLOCKED each contestant mainly ME I might add, and then a HUGE BUNDLE Fight in the middle of the hall…………….. Bullies both of them…. Ha ha ha  but all good fun thanks for taking part fellas.

Oh Wait until I tell you………… Bob Sarson , was cooking on his Fishermans Stove, (The little camper stove that you need a canister of Gas in to light), He was having real difficulty to get it to light and spent ages trying to get it to light but with no Joy………… he called for some help from one of his pals, who will remain nameless, the Pal quickly identified what the problem was, WAIT FOR IT …………………….. BOB had placed a CAN of FOSTERS  yes  “FOSTERS” where the can of gas should have went Ha Ha ha ha ah , the only gas he would have got from that would have been “Bottom Gas” LOL... He did say not to tell anyone …………….. Ah Well

A great weekend thank you to our Hosts, looking forward to seeing you all an our next New Venue in Abbess Roding
In a pair of weeks

Cheers for now



29th June to 1st July
Home Farm Fisheries
Saffron Walden

Wow what a fantastic weekend and the weather was brilliant, the weekend was hosted by our friends Karla and Kevin who did a marvellous job, well done both, excellent.

We got there on Friday afternoon to a packed field albeit Kevo saved me a spot, and parked up the van as well.  Woooo hoooo what's he after ??
Brilliant Sunshine awaited us as we unpacked and set up, it wasn’t long before we had to have liquid refreshments to keep ourselves hydrated…… Perhaps Lager wasn’t the best idea but it worked for me !!

John and Joan brought their Parrot, he was squarking like a good un all evening, and the Parrot was quiet in his cage ha ha.
Louisa and Colin were there parked in the most peculiar way, but none the less it was great to see them out Ahhhh I bet you didn’t know that Louisa is a Fish whisperer…. Oh yes she can talk to the fish….. get her to give you a demonstration the next time you are out……. All I can say is that you are a LUCKY LUCKY Man Colin… Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop …
It was soooo funny, for those who missed it you missed out on a magical comedy moment…

And so the fishermen paid their dues and prepared their tackle for an 8am start on Saturday Morning, and so off to bed for that
Early start… Oh I almost forgot…………….. STEVE and DAWN were at the Rally in their newly repaired van which took almost 3 months to get sorted and a shed load of cash was the bill… however all that behind them it was time to celebrate and this was their first rally for what seems like a lifetime….. STEVE, being ever so careful and ever so proud of his newly prepared waxed and shiny caravan, forgot about the tail swing whilst driving through the narrow streets and busy town of Saffron Walden, and whilst turning at the traffic light’s the back end of the van tore down the side of this poor old lady’s car as she stood innocently at the traffic lights in the centre of town… feeling the tug on the caravan, (which we found out was the back end of the van in contact with the cars wing mirror), STEVE gave the blue Merc the beans in order to get free of the wing mirror, CLUMP went the mirror as it fell from the poor lady’s car and impaled itself in the side of STEVES van. Anchoring up to investigate if the lady was OK, a shivering wreck by all accounts, as she watched a big white box hurtling towards her as it split the side of her van open like a tin of sardines, but she was fine, thank god. Nobody hurt , except pride perhaps.
SO… another spell in the repair shop for Dawn and STEVES van…. Not To worry we did enjoy your company at the weekend.

8AM… Fishermen at the ready as Kevo blew the whistle, and with a mad dash to the water… it was like the LeMans 24 hour Car rally as fishermen dashed for their position at the lake. A great days fishing in brilliant sunshine… Karla made Sausage and bacon Sarnies for everyone, all washed down with Tea and Beer, Wonderful…

I finished in 7th place this year… horrrrrrray I hear you say, I am not telling you who won but suffice to say that for the first year
In history we had to have a “Fish Off” between 2 very capable and experienced fishermen, You will have to wait for the Dinner & Dance to find out the winner..

In the evening  Kevo set up a “Cinema Night” yes we watched a fantastic film, thanks to Chris and Clive for the use of the side of their caravan so as we could project the film onto it and for allowing us to sit in Theatre style outside their van, whilst Karla dished out lashings of Ice cream and Popcorn…. A brilliant and different evening… Thanks you to all who were involved

Sunday after Coffee Morning there was no rush to get away as the weather was so brilliant

Thanks again to everyone for a great Rally

See you all at Castle Hedingham




4th to 7th May
Norton Village Hall

May Day Rally, what a brilliant venue, and the locals welcomed us with open arms as they had remembered us from a previous May Day Rally,, they asked if they could join us to complete the Maypole Dancing.... We agreed and had a brilliant afternoon.
Well done everyone.

The Friday was a scorcher and as we arrived the rally field was packed with happy campers all looking forward to an excellent weekend.

Saturday was another superb day, we ended up in Bury St Edmunds and then back to the Ranch for a fun filled evening of entertainment which Peter laid on, he was excellent, we played "Catch Phrase" OMG I have never heard such a racket not to mention the Rude Catchphrases that people came out with !!! Really opened my eyes I can tell you, they do say it's the quiet ones hey hey ... Well done and thank you Peter a brilliant night.

Sunday, and Kevo and Bob headed for the nearest Boot Sale, whilst I lay in bed snoring the morning away..... Their instructions were to purchase 2x Golf Drivers, these had to be of a good quality and must be carbon Fibre shafts. That's all I asked them to get for me .... 11am saw the pair of them return from the said Boot Sale and Bob was looking soooo pleased with himself, yes he had fulfilled the request for me.... A beautiful pair of top Quality Golf Drivers, Slazengers I think was the make of them, Bob was proud as Punch to hand them over as he had completed his mission. I have to agree they were excellent and all for just £1 ........ Hmmmmmmmm All was too good to be true because when I tried them out it all became apparent .... OH Yes, they were both LEFT HANDED clubs..... Silly sausage, no wonder they were cheap...... Never again, if you want a job done its best to do it yourself... Left handed clubs indeed....... Not to worry it was he thought that counts, needless to say I didn't give Bob the £1 either ha ha ha ..

The Maypole Dancing was great as the locals all joined in and in true 77 Club tradition most people got drenched as the schannagins ended in a huge water fight..... Brilliant .

Monday was another superb day as we packed away and headed for home, thank you everyone for such a great weekend

Cheers Joe .


18th to 20th May
Newbourne Village Hall

A brilliant location in rural Suffolk. The local Village hall had some landscaping done to it which made so much more hard standing and was a huge benefit.
Arrived on Friday and set up in the afternoon, all done it was down to the Pub for a swift half ........ Got back to the Ranch at 9pm, horrrray a great evening, HIC.
Chris and Clive hosted the weekend which was brilliant , " Guess the members Parents" this was so entertaining as we tried to match the members up with the wedding photos of their parents ...... So so funny. Well done Chris.

John brought his bird on the Rally......... No I don't mean Joan, he brought his Parrot, a beautiful grey bird who talked to high heaven, and when he had enough he would fall off his Perch, just like he had had too many drinks, really funny,
It was also difficult keeping it on a lead ha ha ha ....

Saturday afternoon we celebrated the Royal wedding with a Street Party of our own, organised by Chris and Clive, well done both of you, a really successful afternoon.
Saturday Evening, and Chris compared a wonderful Quiz .... Really hard and "Google Proof", we came Last again....  I am sure we get points deducted you know, ha ha ha.

Sunday was a glorious day, we had coffee morning outside, gosh it was hot, no rush off the field which was great, we were last to leave AGAIN.... Not to worry. Roll on next week when we have the clubs weeks Holiday in Sunny Gt Yarmouth, horrrrrray.
l will update you all on what happened in the next report.

Cheers for Now


Shotley Village Hall  
20th to 22nd April

Arrived in brilliant Sunshine and early for a change horrrrrah. Parked next to Peter on a lovely flat piece of the field and after 15 minutes we were outside relaxing in our uncomfortable metal chairs as I forgot to pack the recliners not to worry after the 5th can of beer the numbness in ones buttocks had disappeared and started for me legs… ha ha ha ha…

Kev was taking an age to arrive on site, where was he, what was keeping him? surely the traffic was not that bad, almost 3.5 hours from setting off in Laindon and covering a staggering 190 miles …. YES 190 , Kev and Karla pulled onto the field… but why could he have taken so long …. WELL wait for this….. Travelling on the M25 and sitting in the middle lane doing 62MPH !!  He forgot to take the slip road for the A12 !!!!!! albeit Kev told us the slip road was closed, and just opened as he got to it and was committed to going straight on.. Yeah Kev whatever…. Ha ha ha. Anyway towards the M11 was the mission, the Nissan was in top gear as they sped closer to the junction, not forgetting to get off this time they took the M11 and headed for Stanstead… OMG what a long way around, you can imagine the conversation in the car can't you…. Hahahaha.
Towards the A120 was the next exit, and again Kevo forgot to take the Slip Road and was now heading for Cambridge, Ha ha ha ha
The only option, take the A11 to Newmarket and the A14, had he gone a little further he could have picked up Peter and Edna !!
Now back on track the A14 was a breeze, but what a long way around… Not to worry all was safe and sound.

Saturday was another Cracking Day, Grand National Day, off we went in the morning to Ipswich to do the Lottery and have a
little flutter on the Gee Gees, we took two cars as Kevo had to fill up with Fuel again hahahahaha. Ladbrooks beaconed as we turned into Nacton Village.. Karla had never been into a bookies before and it was hilarious to watch her in action, we were in stitches as we tried to help her write out the betting slip and all Karla wanted to do was get out of the place regardless of how much the bet cost…. Really funny. Back to the Ranch for the afternoon and sunbathing whilst drinking alcohol in the sun was the order of the day, Ray opened a bottle of his favourite Scotch Liqueur Whisky, Hmmmm fab and shared it with the group. After dinner it was off to the pub which was next to the rally field, who needs a hall when there is a pub next door, and even better the first drinks were on the House, Horrrrrrray  a brilliant night was had by all.

More sunshine on Sunday so there was no rush off the field, Thanks to Chris and Clive for another great weekend

See you all in a pair of weeks




Easter at Whepstead Community Centre
30th Mar to 2nd Apr

Whepstead Community Centre - Easter A welcome return for the 77 Club to this wonderful Venue. However the weather could have been kinder to us... to say the least. Members got there on Thursday and proceeded to park up on the field About 14 vans, however this was short lived as the heavens opened and rain drenched the field, those that came late were directed by the newly appointed Rally Officer, Clive, to park up on Hard Standing.... Including me horrrrrray. Well it didn't stop raining all weekend, OMG I am sure you could see the vans in the field slowly sinking... But not to worry, the rain would stop before Monday and the field would dry up in time for the mass exodus after the coffee morning. Peter hosted a great night of entertainment on Friday which was well received and a brilliant night. Dawn and Steve, hosted on Saturday night, which was again an excellent night which did include Steves famous Higher and Lower game, well done both another successful evening Sunday, saw a professional entertainer, Joey Howard who was a comedian, it was brilliant, he did pick on poor old Ray a lot, but Ray sat right at the front almost next to the comedian, so of course Ray was an easy target, but thank you Ray for taking everything in good spirit. The kids were so well behaved it was a credit to the parents, really good again thank you all.
After the Easter Bonnets, and the Easter Eggs Hunt it was time to announce the Boy and Girl of the year for 2017. This year the accolade went to Wyllow for the Girl of the year and to Logan for the Boy of the year, well done you two, and well deserved. Monday and Coffee morning was finished, so now we had the added entertainment that was watching how many vans would get stuck in the muddy field..... Out of all the caravans on the field everyone had to get towed off the field, except for one..... Kevo, well done Kevin, he was the only one to tow his caravan off the muddy field without getting towed off, horrrrrray.
Thank you sooooo much to Clive for using his 4x4 to tow everyone off the field, and thank you to everyone who helped, a great afternoon of entertainment. I bet you every member goes out and buys a tow rope next weekend !!!.
I had an awful job getting away also, hitching up on hard standing and pulling away with a clean car and caravan was awful ....... Hah ha ha hahahaha ha. Sorry I couldn't resist......
Thanks again everyone

See you all in a pair of weeks
Regards Joe


First Rally of the Season
Roding Hall Farm
16th to 18th March

Chairmans Blog First Rally - High Roding Hello everyone and welcome to this years blogs And so to the first rally of the year a pleasant return to Roding Hall Farm, just outside Dunmow, a really lovely location. The weather man warned of snow, but we took no notice and headed off to our first rally of the year, horrrrray we arrived in brilliant sunshine on the Friday to a warm welcome from 7 other members, it was so warm that we sat outside the van and guzzled beer all afternoon, Julie even took her coat off !!!, It turned really cold in the evening but hey ho after all it's still March, and there is no sign of SNOW, the forecasters must have got it wrong again !
Saturday afternoon and my God did it snow, light at first but then it wouldn't stop, soon the field and vans were covered and so was the road, but we didn't care, out in the cold we went braving the blizzard to go to the hall for fun and frolics , hosted as it was by yours truly, Julie, Bob and Deb, and the theme Paddys Day, given as it was then 17th of March. We had great fun, Irish Skittles, Irish Quiz, and everyone got a leprechaun name for the evening..... Thank you everyone for joining in, brilliant.
Sunday morning and the dreaded packing up started, who was going to be first of the field? Who was going to get stuck in the snow and have to be towed out with a proper 4 X 4.... Hahahaha. Barry and Kath were first to go, as we all waited with baited breath Barry unleashed the 2.0 lt engine, as he lunged forward Kathy had her eyes closed and was holding onto the dashboard as if her life depended on it. The roar of the 2.0 lt could be heard in Dunmow, as Barry gave the Honda the beans...... Across the field he went, snow flying everywhere all up the front of the van and down the side of the Honda, ....... The road couldn't come quick enough, but sure as sure he made it, out onto the hard surface of the road to great applause from the onlookers.... Well done Barry.. Ha aha aha Everyone else cruised out with nobody getting stuck at all, even Bob. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

See you all soon

Chairman's Blog