Rally Reports

40th Anniversay
Dinner & Dance
18th November 2017
Room in the Rodings

Thursday.....we came this evening, soon set up in the dark, I hope others come as it’s going to be scary here on our own !!! , It wasn’t long before Mark and Ann came, we spent the evening in their cosy warm van,

Friday... it was pure white when we opened the blinds this morning, yet the sun was so strong, I cooked breakfast while Kev started to work out where everyone is going to park with their caravans, Mark washed his caravan while Ann took me to Tesco, we got back to see 6 caravans had turned up, and lots more to follow (20).  A few members decided not to bring their caravans so no-one needed to go on the field. Although it’s very cold the sun is beautiful, we went into the hall to set it up for tonights get together meal, 7 pm over to the hall for our take away, it was a surprise to see Rita n Bill and Pat n Derek turn up for this evening, most members came over, some had Chinese others had fish/chips and we had Indian. Doreen made a fantastic Anniversary cake for the 77 club 40th celebrations which we sang our tradition song as Edna blew the candle out.
We didn’t have a late night, Kev locked up the hall, it was nice sitting in our caravan all cosy.

Saturday .... it’s so cold this morning, Kev took Mark, Ann and me to North Weald market, it was so smal,l nothing like it used to be, we bought a few bits, then back to our caravan to warm up, our DJ (Martin Day), was there setting up for our disco tonight, as he had to get back to turn on Southend Christmas lights this afternoon, we had our usual nibbles in the hall while I did lots of hair. Mark and Ann had guests, (Jim and Hayley,) so they joined us. After setting up the round tables and putting Julie’s amazing Centre Decoration in the middle, we gave each other our Christmas presents, back to our caravans for a chill out, (or snooze for Kevin). before getting ready to go for this evenings party , a few of us went over earlier to help joe n julie set the last bits up , 6pm Everyone was welcomed with a glass of Baileys or fresh orange. I took everyone's photo's in their lovely smart dresses and evening suits, (see Photo' on Web) Joe asked us to take our seats and our fun evening began, I must say that our table centre decoration was beautiful Julie had made everyone a personal glass with the 40th Anniversary etched on the base, the food was once again excellent, after dinner we had our Annual Trophy presentations, Derek LJ won the Fishing and Boules trophy, it was with great honour that Kev and I won Lady and Man of the Year, which is sadly going to be the last time this trophy will be given out as at the AGM it was suggested that it will not continue, I promise I will take much pleasure in keeping it and promise it will be well looked after. Martin Day, our DJ, was fantastic, he got the party going with a great swing, the evening came to end far to quick. After clearing up we went off for a much needed sleep, but when I got in I decided to up load this weekends photos which took me until 2.30 am.

Sunday ..... beautiful sunshine this morning, yet so cold, after our cooked breakfast we packed away, no one seemed to rush off but we are going to Mexico in the morning so needed to get home. This is our last rally for 2017, we hope everyone has a good New Year and may 2018 bring you much happiness, but most of all good health and good caravanning.
I must say I’m looking forward to having Kevin all to myself next year, with him having no duties, but we want to wish Clive all the best in his new roll of Rally Officer.
Hope you all had a safe journey home see you all in 2018.

Love Karla Kev xxxxxx


3rd to 5th November

17 vans attended.

We arrived at Hallowtree Friday night to find most of the vans already set up and decorated for Halloween.

The children started their trick or treat at 8 pm – just enough time for us to decorate our van !
It was then over to the Gazebo to pay our dues, collect the itinerary from Kevin who was on his own this weekend and would require some assistance !

Saturday morning – the children and some of the adults collected the wood/pallets for the bonfire. It’s always lovely to see the kid’s faces when  on the trailer towed by Kev – you can see how much they enjoy it !

2pm – and over to the shooting range, Kev asked Neal to organise with Steve D assisting.
 As I was getting ready, I watched Neal and his son Ashley walking across the field with his Arsenal of rifles !
There was some good shooting from the adults and  children and as usual, everyone enjoyed themselves.

5pm – time for me to do the Ghost walk, I took the children and some of the adults through the woods – my thanks to Mike, Dave & Steve D for hiding and jumping out on everyone – the screams were heard back at camp !

6pm – Light the bonfire, it took a few minutes as the pallets were still wet but it soon got going – more on this later !

It was then time for Mulled wine – no prizes for guessing Paula and Pat were first in the queue !

7pm – Fireworks – Myself, Mike and Steve D were given the task of letting these off – there was a comment about fire in the hole – if you heard Mike shout this then everyone hits the floor  (a reference to Mikes Army days ! )
All was going well, then One of the cakes tipped over and One of the fireworks was on route to Mike. I have never seen him move so fast – just as me and Steve were laughing I spotted a Red One coming towards me,
Now all I can hear is Steve D laughing – Fire in the hole  all right  !

It was then time for the food – a big thanks to Bob & Deb who cooked  the lovely Burgers and Hot Dogs – all of which were eaten !

Now back to the bonfire and Mike and Steve’s  obsession with this and how high they could get the flames– a cause for concern especially when you read the meaning behind  Pyromania  -  can be a destructive fascination with fire but, it can also be a sensual, erotic experience  -  say no more  !!

It was now time for the music and Karaoke –  well done to all those who got up and had a sing-a-long !

The remainder of the night was spent around the bonfire watching it gradually die down  (thank god Mike & Steve had run out of pallets !! )

Then off to bed after a great night.

Sunday morning – Kev and a few of the boys helped clear up the bonfire and Gazebo.

11.00 am we all met for tea and prize giving and then said our goodbyes.

From my side of things, a big thank you to everyone who helped out and made it such a lovely weekend.

See you at the Dinner and Dance.

Dave W.


Pleshey Village Hall
20th to 22nd October

Ron and I arrived Friday evening just before it got dark and after a lovely sunny day but it soon became chilly.
Thanks to Richard for filling our water barrel and Kathy for a lovely hot cuppa! Caravan organised, dinner
eaten then it was time to gather in the hall for a hot drink and to meet everyone, we had a good chat and
catch up, as well as pay our weekend fees.

Surprised to wake up to sunshine and having a lazy free to do as we pleased morning. It was soon time to
gather in the hall for our Annual General Meeting. It was lovely to welcome some more club members to the
meeting who weren't rallying this weekend. I was amazed to see how quickly the meeting came to an end.
All committee members said their bit and everything went smoothly until Kevin tried to say his farewells from
the committee, that's when the tears started. Thanks Kevin and Karla for putting all your heart and sole into
the club, you can relax and maybe now enjoy our rallies even more (if that's possible). On behalf of all 77
Caravan Club members past and present, you have done a dam good job, Thank You! Good luck to Clive
who is stepping into Rally Officer position, wishing you a smooth transition and hassle free rallies. At the end
of the meeting we closed with a glass of bubbly and a hot sausage roll - thanks Karla, Julie and Debs.
The evening came and we were back in the hall enjoying a fun-filled time thanks to Dawn and Steve for
hosting with a quiz and fun and games. Well, this is where Joe found his game of the year, HIGHER or
LOWER! (Numbers), he was so excited when a member of his team got it right. I'm sure we'll see this game
again next year!

Another sunny morning greeted us before venturing to the hall for our usual coffee morning and prize giving
etc. As you now know we were lucky to have won the arrival prize and also won the raffle too! Thank you! 15
units attended and a lovely weekend was had, thanks to all. We soon packed and away we went as had a
family birthday meal to attend.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the dinner dance very soon.
Doreen and Ron XX


6th to 8th October 2017

Friday .... Thanks to Mike for popping the horses round to us this morning, sorry to hear Penny is back in hospital again, pray you get better soon. We didn't get here until 7.30 pm, as Kev finished work late, we did have a good drive and the traffic was ok, we have brought Dottie this weekend as Gracie has had her Tonsils out today and she needed to be kept relaxed.  By the time we finished getting the caravan sorted it was time to go over the hall, so Kev went over to take the fees while I got Dottie ready for bed. The Gristwood's are hosting this rally, there are 14 units out.

Saturday .... it started off nice and warm this morning but we didn't go out anywhere as I had forgotten Dottie's buggy and I didn't fancy going shopping without it so we decided to stay in the caravan.  I took Dottie out for a walk, she enjoyed looking for bugs and spiders in the trees n bushes, thanks to Steve D for supplying Kev with coffee, you'll be his friend for life 😆.  A few members had a drive out, it was nice watching Kev do dog training before the rain started, it came down heavy but didn't last long .  Ian Cathrine and Lilly  popped to see Caitlin as it's her birthday today. I did our roast dinner early today as Dottie was  hungry and kept asking for her dinner, once I had washed up and Kev took the dogs out we snuggled down to watch a film but we all fell asleep and didn't wake up until 7.30 pm in a very dark caravan. 8 pm came and it was over to the hall for the 77 club horse racing, it was an enjoyable evening with lots of winnings had by all, well done for those that took part. Kev took me and Dottie back to our caravan and then went back to lock the hall up, I couldn't wait for him to get back as our caravan was so hot I could hardly breath, this heating certainly does work well.

Sunday .... the weekend has come to a end, Kev cooked us breakfast, then I went over to the hall early to cut hair, Joe did his talk and happy birthdays, a massive well done to Pam for winning the raffle, John and Joan winning the Bonus ball and Joe won  the arrival prize, but gave me the  malteasers and asked me to put his name on my rally report, (so this is from you to Jjoe), back to the caravan as we had to rush off as our caravan is going into East Coast for a few things. We hope you all have a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you all soon.

             Love Kev Karla Dottie Mr Bourne and Ronnie


8th to 10th September

Friday .... This is a new venue for the club, it looks lovely, we were the 9th caravan here, as we pulled in our new members followed us, (Jo, James and Caitlin), and parked up in there camper van next to us. It's  lovely to see you back in the club and welcome your husband and  family. It wasn't  long before black clouds came over and the heavens opened up, it didn't last for long and the sun shone again. Thanks to Dawn & Steve for popping the catering things over as they couldn't make the weekend. 8.30 pm Kev, Joe and a few others walked to the Village Hall, its only a few mins down the road. Julie and I  stayed in our caravans to  watch a cooking program, I was asleep by the time Kev came in.

Saturday .... had a strange sleep, I couldn't settle, I've got lots going on in my mind, Hayley and JC's baby due any day now, our Jess n Mark get married in two weeks,  my mind is working overtime. Kev took the dogs out early Jo and Caitlin joined him, after breakfast we had a drive into Burnham with Joe & Julie, had a nice coffee and cake along the front while we watched the children having sailing lessons, its  so hot we really enjoyed sitting there watching the world go by. Got back to camp, everyone sitting outside enjoying this beautiful weather, watching some members play boules, some of us did the adult colouring competion, others went out for a drive. 8pm it was over to the hall for a relaxing time chatting, listening to music, playing puzzles, metal puzzles, and cards. I took my crochet shawl I'm making,  11 pm came too quick. It's turned chilli and windy tonight sure sign winters on its way.

Sunday .... woke to another beautiful morning, I must say the weather has been great this weekend, over to the hall for 11am, I cut hair while teas were being made, it's definitely Joe and Julie's weekend as they won the raffle and bonus ball, ( doing a Steve H), well done. Brian won the Adults colouring, back to our caravans, members didn't rush off as it's so nice here. Abbi came to pick me up as I've got a christening to go to, I also won the arrival so I got the Maltesers. Thanks to everyone for making another great weekend, we won't be at the next rally as our Jess and Mark are getting married so looking forward to see you all at Dans Meadow. Hope you all have a safe journey home ,

              Love Kev Karla mr Bourne n Ronnie x   


Sutton Memoral Hall
25th to 28th August

Friday..... Kev had today off so we came early, Gracie and Dottie are with us, so not much of a rest for me this weekend, we got here around 12.15, a lot of caravans already here, the sun was shinning we soon set up had lunch, then the girls went over to the park, more caravans turned up (21 altogether), we had dinner outside as it's beautiful tonight, over to the hall for paying our dues.
The committee are hosting this weekend.

Saturday.... another sunny morning, everyone had breakfast outside, the smell of cooking was so nice, Kev took us to Woodbridge to get some water balloons so we could have fun n games later, others went out for a drive to Framlingham, some went out for a walk into the village/pub, Mark and Ann had to go clothes shopping as Mark forgot to pick Ann's clothes up from  home, (such a great excuse to go shopping, a, Ann).  Thanks to everyone that loaned us there hose pipes so the children could have fun sliding on a soapy plastic mat, I bought a water slide that was quite rubbish, the children filled up loads of water balloons, as usual it got out of hand and Mark D got us wet, the children loved it (see Web for photos), the children finished their afternoon back over the park while their dinner was being cooked, some  of us ate inside as it got chilli, 8 pm everyone got over the hall, Barry was doing the quiz for the adults tonight, so I thought  it would be a good idea for the children to have a movie night, thanks to Kev for setting up the big screen in the small hall, the children brought over their pillows/quilts n blankets,  we watched Moana  and the Dolphin film,  we had drinks, pop corn, crisps and nibbles, the children (and us) had a lovely evening, some little ones fell asleep before the films finished, 11pm the films finished and the parents/grandparents come to collect the children, I must say they were such a credit to you all,  by the sound of it Barry didn't disappoint our members with his famous quiz !!!!!

Sunday .....another beautiful morning sitting outside, smelling the cooking of bacon, this is the joys of caravanning sitting outside having breakfast, while watching the men outside their caravans making there bow and arrows for this afternoon, Bob n Deb left early this morning as they have a family party to go to, the  children were soon back over the park,  Dottie has no fear at all climbing, I'm on pins hoping she doesn't fall off the climbing frame, Kev and Mark went off to find a boot sale, Abbi  came to visit us this morning, so I'll get a little break now from Dottie. It  wasn't long before the sports officer (Dave) and helpers got the sports day sorted, I must say it's going to be a challenge this year, I think a lot of worn out members by tonight, thanks to Mike our Ex army solider for telling the teams what they need to do, Mark D and Steve H were team captains so chose their teams, the children went first, they all did fantastic, a massive well done to you all, also well done to our ladies you did us proud, (and not a tena lady in sight), as usual the men got carried away and had do do a little cheating, and as always water was involved so lots of wet T shirts, after the sports day was the bow n arrow comp, (I took lots of photos so see Web), I must say Mark D did it again and won by a very long way,  Tina won the ladies, Tegan won the girls and Logan won the boys, also thanks to Barry and Kathy for bringing a few things for our fun afternoon, half time I brought out a cold refreshing water melon to refresh our teams, our fun soon came to a end, Kev didn't join in this year as he was changing the electric's on our car, thanks to Peter for your help.  Some members went out for dinner, but most members BBQ'd, 5.30 pm the ice cream man came again so lots of happy children, over to the hall tonight for Dawn and Steve's bingo, well done to the winners, after that Peter had arranged more games in teams with "Give us a Clue", I took the children into the small hall where we played ghost  hunt in the dark , and  hide and seek in the dark,  the children loved it, I took Dottie back to our caravan as she was asking where's my caravan nan? . It's been a very busy day so our bed was calling us, I was told the evening finished with Peter's music. Tracy, Mike and Maddie drove home tonight as they have work tomorrow, so did Neil, Tina, Tegan and Harper, hope you all got home safe.

Monday ..... another beautiful morning, Abbi cooked our breakfast this morning while I changed our bedding and tried to tidy up, before I new it, it was 11am and I still wasn't ready, Kev went round to sell raffle tickets as the children were too busy playing in the park, we had our normal coffee morning with lots of prizes to be given out, Steve H won the raffle again, 4th time in a row, so you can guess what was said, Joe won the Bonus ball, I think people in Colchester heard him shout with excitement. Some rushed off, some stayed until late as it's so hot, I went home with Abbi and the girls while Kev finished packing away. It's been a very busy weekend having the girls with us but I must say Dottie was a little darling, (better than I thought anyway), we hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.

                            Love Kev, Karla, Gracie, Dottie xxx Mark n Ann xxx

PS Mark and Ann won the arrival prize  but gave me the Maltesers and asked if I'd write their rally report, so this is from them also, although Kev ate the Maltesers x


12th/14th August 2017

Well after a long hard week at work I managed to get away from Central London at 2pm on Friday ! Thinking great will get to the rally at a decent time ! Oh no that just wasn't going to happen, got back to Peterborough at about 4pm, hooked the van up loaded the clan up and off we went, then the Sat Nav started! 2 hour delay, omg here we go, so after a few detours and a lay-by dinner stop, Amanda had prepared dinner and was in the van oven, we hit the M11, what a night mare! Eventually at about 7.30 ish we arrived at Hook farm, what a great venue.
On Saturday we headed out and met up with Dawn, Steve and Riley at Maldon Park, what a fantastic place, we had some food and ice cream, a lovely walk looking at the boats then headed into town so Amanda could hit the charity shops hard lol, got back to site just in time for the Welly Wangle ha, which Kev won and Joe didn't ha! Ha. I made them a coffee so they didn't moan about me putting me Jenny on. Then Sat evening our hosts Louisa, Colin, Pam, Derek, John and Joan started the entertainment, the "French Extravaganza", what a great time was had by all, from French bingo to Belly Dancing by me and the other ladyboys (and Mrs Brown), which by the way was put on face book as soon as we had sat down ! Karla, any way it was a fantastic weekend and yet again Mr Hannabus cleans up and wins all the money for a second week on the trot, thanks all for a great time,
see you soon.
From the Peterborough clan Steve, Amanda, Logan, Wyllow


Friday..... we had a nice drive here, a lot of members all ready set up, some came Thursday, there's 13 caravans this weekend, there would have been more but it's holiday time for many members, (we hope you all have a great time where ever you have gone), this weekend is being hosted by our newest members (the motor home group), and it's going to be a "FRENCH THEME" weekend, I hope I don't have to eat snails 😫😖,  thanks for those that put up the gazebo, 9 pm it was over to pay our dues and get our Itinerary, thanks to Joan and helpers for making the teas and for the cup cakes, (made by Dawn), the weekend quiz is to name famous people and what they are famous for, also the children had colouring to do, a few of us ladies are also going to do some, was nice having a catch up with members, before I went off to bed.

Saturday ..... had a lovely sleep , after a cooked breakfast we had a drive into Maldon, had a lovely walk around the shops, Kev bought me a new dress. 😘 It's very hilly in the town, we walked down to the water but by god was it a steep hill, back to the shops, I popped into Icelands to get the children some lolly's, so we couldn't hang around we needed  to get  back to camp before they melted,  it was lovely that Janet popped to see us all this afternoon, 3 pm we had  Welly throwing, it caused a laugh, but we do have some bad losers in the club, (Joe), Kev won the men's, Dawn won the ladies and Logan won the children's, we all sat around chatting in the sun, 5 pm I put dinner on,  7.30 pm it was over to the gazebo for tonights fun, French Bingo, OMG I didn't have a clue, those that go to France a lot had a good advantage, I must say a massive well done to Louisa for calling the bingo in French, and to Pam for being her helper, what a great game we had, although I'd marked off numbers that hadn't been called, well done to those that won, after bingo it was another surprise guest and her helpers, Louisa gave us a grand performance of "Belly Dancing", Kev, Joe, Bob, Steve D, Richard and Neil, were chosen to learn how to belly dance (see web for  photos), we have never laughed so much in a very long time, my face hurt,  what fantastic sports you are, well done to Richard for the most cheers at the end of your dance, I'm  sure we can higher them out at charity nights, and the evening came to a end far to soon, a brilliant evening had by all.

Sunday .... another beautiful sunny morning, before coffee I cut hair, it was decided to sit outside for coffee morning. Thank you so much to our host's for the brilliant prizes you gave out (and these was donated not charged to the club), Steve H reminded us that he had won the last 2 rally raffles, well guess what he won again, so you can image the stick he got, no one rushed off, it was nice to see everyone sitting around relaxing, Deb n Bob are staying on for a few days, enjoy the peace. 
Wishing everyone a safe journey home see you in 2 weeks

                Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie x


Ardleigh Campsite
28th to 30th July

We turned up Friday evening after a lovely holiday in Greece.
There were 11 caravans and 2 motor homes for the weekend.
Friday we went to the gazebo to pay for the weekend. Had a coffee and a chat with everyone.

Weekend was hosted by Diane & Sally-Anne. There was a quiz given out.
Saturday the day started off nice, bright and weather was warm. By the afternoon it rained.
Had breakfast.  Shame we had to cook for the first time for a week.
Took a nice walk in the country side and then sat at the local for a few drinks.
Everyone did their own thing during the day.

Evening entertainment was Beetle Drive. They had fun. As we fell asleep.
Got woken early hours with a nice thunder storm.
Sunday morning some of the campers did morning exercise.  Then had the 11 o'clock meeting.

It was a lovely weekend. Hope everyone agrees.

Thanks Neal & Tina


This year is flying past so quick, thought we would make the most of it and as we are on a commercial site for the rally decided to go early, can you believe we are no longer the Thursday club, wait for it, we are now the Tuesday club!!!!!! Off we went and arrived around 3.30, all set up and relaxed to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine, after dinner we went for a leisurely walk then back to the van for refreshments (the alcoholic kind), hopefully tomorrow will bring more sunshine.

Wednesday Rita n Bill arrived, the weather wasn't great so we sat in our awning chatting then after dinner we went into their caravan for the evening.

Thursday saw the arrival of another 3 vans, Richard n Kathy, then Roland n Diane and Chris n Clive, then after he finished work, Steve A came and moved his van from the storage and joined the Rally field before returning home for work tomorrow when he and Sue will return Friday. Joe n Julie also joined "The Thursday Club" coming straight from work, despite only a few of us here we managed to get the tent up and all gathered together for a good old chin wag and refreshments.

Friday started out fine, even with some sunshine, but then the wind got up and it was touch n go whether the tent would take off, the men surrounded it with their cars and a windbreaker and prayed this would be enough to protect it. We all went over to the tent to pay our dues and have a chat (tent still standing), Roland n Di have volunteered to host the rally, we were given our weekend quiz and programme to find we are playing  "Beetledrive" tomorrow night, really looking forward to this as we have't played this in such a long while.

Saturday lovely sunshine when we woke, we were able to sit out for a while, some went shopping while others of us didn't venture as far, just down to the local to sample the wet stuff, sadly when we got back the sunshine went away and left us with rain, but it didn't stop us from gathering in the tent for our game of "beetle drive"  which brought out the worst of our Cheating, and in front of our guest too, we were joined by a couple over from Denmark who happened to pitch themselves in the middle of our rally, at first they looked a bit bemused to say the least, but were soon laughing and enjoying our fun, and stayed all night, a great night thanks to Diane and Sally Ann, who stepped in at late notice to host the weekend, thank you both.
During the night we had an horrific thunderstorm with torrential rain and thunder and lightening, but some, can you believe, slept through it. Thankfully the sun came out in the morning so the tent had time to dry out before it was taken down. After prize giving Joe welcomed the new couple that Dawn had brought along, who said they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, hopefully enough that they will join us again. It was then time for the journey home after another great weekend.



Home Farm Fisheries
14th to 16th July
Saffron Walden

Thursday ..... As we are hosting this rally Kev wanted to join the Thursday group.  We didn't leave until after 5.15 pm as Kev was working, We had a nice drive here, and were soon set up, (in our new caravan) thanks to Diane for Kev's cuppa.  Kev popped out to get our dinner, (Chinese), we sat outside with everyone until 11pm as it's so warm.       

Friday ..... woke to lovely sun, after breakfast we took the dogs for a walk along the fields, more caravans were turning up so we went back to see them, I put the kettle on for more teas, Kev had a little fish while I relaxed reading. Thanks to everyone that helped put the gazebo up this afternoon.
Jack is still in hospital, (3 weeks now), so Peter and Edna went to visit him, we all send our love and best wishes.
9 pm over to the gazebo for paying our dues, thanks to Dawn for helping make the teas/coffee, we welcomed Steve and Sue this weekend to try our club out, hope you enjoyed yourselves, was nice seeing so many caravans out (19 units).

Saturday ..... it's the fishing comp this morning, there's 10 men fishing plus one lady, Dawn, (hope you kick the men's arses Dawn !!!!!) the sun is shining this morning, the match started at 8 am,  Mark and Ann turned up, 9.30 am, Ann and me made loads of sausage/bacon sandwiches for the fishing men, (& lady), hope you all enjoyed them, lots of fish were being caught, 8.30 am it started to rain but didn't last long. The fish are biting well, poor Joe had so many fish around him, but just not taking his bait. 2 pm came far to quick, Kev blew his whistle, thanks to Mark for weighing the fish in. 1st was Derek, (79lb 12oz) , 2nd was Mark, (46lb 1oz),  3rd was Kev, (29lb 8 oz ), 4th was Steve  Donovan, (21lb 3oz ), 5th was Dawn (17lb 10 oz), 6th was Steve H, (15lb 12oz),  7th was Neil, (12lb 6 oz), 8th was Ashleigh (11lb 9 oz), Bob M was 9th, (5lb 9 oz), and last but not least in 10th place  was Joe, (3lb 7oz,) it was  great to see all those that took part all catch fish, sadly Neil's keep net had a whole in it so was empty half hour before the end of the competition, but he did manage to catch a few fish the last half hour. After the competition a few went out for a drive there's a big fete down the road, some members went there for a while, others went shopping, some still carried on fishing, Mark and Ann left but it was great seeing them. Cathrine and Lilly came to visit, which was lovely, later today Colin and Louisa turned up in their camper so that made the 19th caravan.
I made lots of pancake mix ready for this evening.  we didn't end up having a mass BBQ or eat together as the wind got up and it was too chilly to eat outside.  Kev and I got over the gazebo at 7.30 pm to set up for tonight's 1977 music quiz, thanks to everyone for coming over and joining in the fun, at half time julie and I made pancakes for everyone, they went down very well, once everyone had eaten Kev got on with the music quiz, as our members had a drink the singing got louder some even danced, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, 11 pm came too quick.

Sunday ..... woke to it being very close and warm, thanks to Logan for helping  me set the tea/coffee things ready for 11 am, well done to all those that won prizes, thank you all for joining in,  Joe welcomed our soon to be new members, Steve and Sue, we hope you enjoyed this weekend and look forward to you coming out again, members started to pack up.  Deb made a cup of coffee so we sat down had a chat watching others pack away, poor Joe ended up on the floor as his chair broke, I thought Julie was going to wet herself laughing, the rain started to fall heavy so we packed up, we were the last to leave, to be honest I could have stayed there, it's been a fantastic weekend, looking forward to see you all soon x

          Love Karla Kev Mr Bourne and Ronnie xx


​Brokhowse Farm
30th June to 2nd July

Thankfully we decided to ignore the weather warnings of rain and decided to go Wednesday arriving at around 12 o'clock to find Rita and Bill, who had beat us by going Tuesday. After we said our hello's and had lunch we decided to explore the "woods" with the possibility of suggesting a "walk in the woods" as part of our Weekend Agenda as no-one had come forward to host.
Thursday saw the arrival of another 5 vans, which was great to see as we weren't expecting this to be that well supported as a few of the regular members had other commitments and weren't able to come.
Friday saw more vans arrive and in total we had 12 units, all hands to the pump, and the tent was soon erected, heads together we soon had an agenda sorted and displayed on the "Nobo" Board for all to see. 
​Then it was over to the tent to pay our due's with Bill taking Kevin's role as Rally Officer, and everyone bringing their own drinks as we did not have the catering equipment. So far we had not had any rain and was hoping for a great day tommorow with the "walk in the woods" for the afternoon, and Helen, the farmers wife coming for anyone who wanted to feed the lamb and Alpaca's, which excited the children who couldn't wait, and Barry offered to do a quiz in the evening, and a "What's in the Bag" to accompany it.
Saturday we awoke to brilliant sunshine, what a bonus, some went out shopping in the morning but we had a good gathering for the "walk in the woods", back to camp to await our visit to the animals, which the adults enjoyed as much as the children, such a friendly farm, with Helen giving some of the ladies a lift back to camp on her trailer (see photos). Once we were all back everyone started to prepare for their dinner, most BBQ'd and then it was over to the tent for our evenings entertainment, and what entertainment, we were all rolling about with laughter as Barry started his quiz, we all left the tent with aching jaws and stomachs it was hilarious, well done Barry.
Sunday, can't believe our luck, it was so hot, over to the tent for prize giving with Beryl and Brian winning the weekend quiz after beating Steve and Sue at the tie breaker, we won the arrival, Chris & Clive's team won the evening quiz, Doreen and Ron won the raffle and Sue won the Bonus Ball. A great weekend, thank you all for your company.
See you soon.

Pat & Derek


Red House Farm
16th to 18th June

Decided to go to Rally on Wednesday as the weather was exceptionally good. Some members arrived Thursday and rest followed on Friday making it a total of 17 units, a very good turnout.
Clive suggested we erect the tent and with the help of several members, women included, it was soon done, thanks to Chris & Clive for bringing the tent and generator.
​Friday evening after a very sunny and lazy day we went over to the tent fo pay our dues, many were late in paying as it was such a nice evening they were just sitting out soaking up te warm evening.
​Saturday arrived, many went shopping to the local shos while others lazed about chatting and drinking i the hot weather, it was nice to see the children enjoying the paddling pool, which later developed into a water fight including the BIG kids.
​Early evening we gathered for a mass BBQ, and a communial meal, (its been far too long since we have done this), such a relaxing evening it was decided to do the musical bingo "El fresco", thank you to Peter for a very entertaining evening, enjoyed by everyone.
​Sunday morning we held our coffee morning in the shade of the trees at the side of the tent, thank you to Chris for the weekend quiz, Joe, Bob and Kevin's team won the musical Bingo. Reluctantly is was time to pack up and head home, some stayed late, taking advantage of the glorious weathr.
​All in all an excellent weekend with excellent weather and excellent company, what more could you ask for.
Can't wait for the next rally.


Spring Bank Holiday
Dulhorn Farm
Western Super Mare
27th to 3rd June

Saturday.... we were up early this morning, Kev wanted to leave by 6 am, Jess brought Gracie round at 5.30 am by 5.50 am we were on the road, it's so warm I hope it stays like this, around 8.30 am the roads was getting busy, we had a stop for breakfast, let the dogs have a wee then we were back on the road, although it was busy we still kept moving, our Sat Nav took us off M5, (19), Kev wasn't happy as the roads were tight for the caravan but before long we were back on the M5 (20), so it didn't take us much further, we got here 11.30 am, Peter, Jack and Edna came here yesterday, thank you for Kev's cuppa tea, we soon set up, had lunch and more members started to arrive, I put the kettle on as I know they needed a cuppa, the M5 was very busy so some of our members were at a stand still. The sun was shinning so we had a lovely walk around the site, it's a working farm, there was sheep shearing and Kev and Roland took the girls on the tractor ride, as more children arrived they went to play in the park, after dinner the children went for a bike ride, Gracie is going to learn how to ride her bike this holiday, but her bike is far to small so Kev's oing to buy her a bigger one, thanks to Olivia for letting Gracie try her bike, I think we are going to have a challenge with her learning !!!! They have got a lovely dog walk here so we took the boys over there to burn some energy off then sat outside until 10pm then we had a early night.

Sunday.... woke to brilliant sunshine Kev had the dogs out 5.30 am as it was so hot, we were still in bed so Kev took himself off to a boot sale, he got Gracie a lovely bike, the little girl was asking £25, and as you know Kev, he tried to barter her down to £20, the little girl said £23, Kev felt so guilty trying to barter with her he gave her the £25 she asked for. Gracie is so excited to learn how to ride it but she is finding it a big challenge. We face timed Abbi as she is 30 today. After breakfast a few of us went back on the tractor ride, it was so good the owner talked us through his 140 acres round his farm land where we saw Steve D fishing. Lots of sun cream needed today as it's so hot, thanks to Diane and Roland for letting all the children in their paddling pool and for the men for filling it up, Ian got a little excited with the water guns, so I went to our caravan and got the water balloons out and the giant bubble makers, so lots more fun was had, (see web for photos), after the water gun Kev took me n Gracie out to the Caravan Sales shop, there were 2 that we liked but they weren't new. When we got back,  in the afternoon we put the clubs new Gazebo up, thanks for your help, it started to spit with rain at 3.45 pm but it's still so warm, 8pm it was over to the gazebo for drinks and chats while the children went over the park, it was decided that hopefully we would go to the beach tomorrow.

Monday..... Kev said it hadn't stopped raining through the night ! But I didn't hear a thing, Gracie and I walked across to the shower block, they were so nice and very clean and powerful, but you had to keep pressing the button, which was a pain with Gracie's long hair, after breakfast Kev popped out to another boot sale. 11.30 am we all met outside the Gazebo as most of us were going to Brean Beach, Peter took Jack n Edna to a Helicopter museum, we got to the beach to find we could drive on the sand and park up, it started to spit with rain, but that didn't stop us, and luckily it's a dog friendly beach, we walked down to the sea, it was very muddy but great fun, (see web for photos), the children loved it, so did the dogs, after our ice cream we got back into the cars and drove along the sand, Steve H thought he was  a bay watch babe, as he cruised along the sand. We found  a fish and chip shop, I don't think they were very pleased seeing all of us walk in as the first thing they said was " WE CLOSE AT 2.30pm !!! ", well it was only 1.30pm so they had an hour to feed us,  thanks to Ian n Cathrine we found another caravan sales, fell in love with 2 caravans, so watch this space 🙏🙏🙏, we then drove down the Brean fun fair, the children loved it, Gracie loved all the big rides and she went on them on her own, she asked me if I'd go on the ghost train with her and she screamed the whole way round it, got back to camp and bathed the dogs as they were black and smelt terrible, after dinner we all met over the gazebo for more drinks and chats about where they had all been.

Tuesday.... my god did it rain through the night, some of us decided to go to Wookey Hole, it was a fantastic day out so much to see n do, we watched a children's circus, went into the witches house, I must admit I was scared when we went into her second room, it was like being on a ghost train, we were being touched but couldn't see. The caves were amazing, (see web for photos). The sun shone this afternoon and turned out very warm, thanks to Ian n Cathrine for bringing me and Gracie back as Kev left earlier to get back to the dogs, when we got back Kev went fishing over the lake he had a couple of near miss's, some members went to Cheddar Gorge and had great fun, we didn't have dinner tonight as we were too full up from today's lunch, so tonight I just did cheese pate and hot rolls, while Kev was still trying to get Gracie to ride her bike, she is getting there but just lacks confidence. No  one went over to the gazebos tonight, I think we are all shattered from our busy day, roll on tomorrow for more fun.

Wednesday ..... woke to a nice and dry morning, Kev cooked us breakfast, I went to ask everyone if they fancied going out for a meal tomorrow night for Edna, Jack, Mick and Penny's Anniversary and Dawn's birthday, everyone was up for it so we drove to the pub to book it, members started going out around 11 am some went to Wooky Hole, Mick and  Penny went  out to ride on a train but Mike forgot his wallet so ended up driving back to camp instead, some just went shopping and then had a lazy relax in the sun. Some had a drive to Western Super Mare, we drove to another caravan dealer this morning, there were so many that were nice, but we still like the Elddis  Storm best, we then had a drive into Western Super Mare, we parked on the beach, had a walk along the beach and had a Horse and Cart ride on the sand, it was lovely, we then had a walk through the town, went into the arcades and had some time in there, had lunch, then we went on the pier, omg !!! I'll never go on another ride in my life, Kev n Gracie got me to go on the "Mouse Trap", it went so high and spun so fast my heart came in my mouth 😫, then Gracie n Kev went on the Super Boul, it started off going around slow and spinning, the next thing we new it was on its side going so fast I could hear Gracie screaming, when they got off Kev was green, and Gracie looked  so upset but it didn't take long before she was on the water bubble, we had a walk along the beach back to our car, when we got back the sun was so hot we cooked outside and had our dinner under the sun, it wasn't long before we were over the gazebo, the children went over to the park and came back at 9 pm, Gracie had bought herself and Poppa a Figget spinner which took me  ages to learn how to do it, I got some members having a go and they all did it first time, I must keep practising. We got everybodies menu for tomorrow's meal, so we will pop it back to the pub in the morning on our way out, hopefully we will go to Cheddar Gorge tomorrow.

Thursday ..... we woke to brilliant sun this morning Kev cooked breakfast again, we are going to have another look at the caravan dealers today, for the third time this week, I'm starting to get excited. A few of us drove to Cheddar Gorge, it was beautiful there, we had fish n chips then had a lovely walk up the hill, we didn't get to the top as it was so hot and we were shattered, we made our way home at 4 pm as  it's Penny and Mike's 15th Wedding Anniversary today,  and Edna n Jacks 66th Anniversary tomorrow and Dawns birthday Saturday, Diane and Roland have recommended the Chathrine Inn for our annual holiday dinner so Kev sorted it out for all of us to go, he got everybodies menu choice and took it back to the Pub to make it easier for the staff .  We went in true 77 club convoy to find not a lot of parking, we sat down at 6.30 pm, the men got us our drinks, 7.30 pm still no dinner, 7.45 pm 2 starters came out, 8 pm we started getting our dinners, it was a joke really, the food was nice but I think we were so hungry we would have eaten anything, 9 pm still half of us were still waiting for our desserts. I had bought 2 cakes so we sang the 77 club Birthday/Anniversary song, I think the whole pub stopped to listen, we finally ALL got our desserts and got back to camp 10 pm, it's been another lovely day.

Friday...... another nice morning, we had cream scones for breakfast, the children had a game of boules, the sun is out but it's dark clouds coming over, the week has gone far too quick, I could do with a few more days here as there's so much to see. We had a drive back to the caravan dealers, I think Kev is swaying to a new caravan, he had a chat with Simon !!!!  We then took Gracie to the adventure park for more rides, it started to spit with rain and the wind came up, we got back to camp, some members were still out, some had gone to Western Super Mare, others went to Burnham on sea and a few went back to Cheddar Gorge to buy cheese to take home. The sun has come back out, I bought some ice cream cones and sprinkles so the children could make their own, which they loved to do. Everyone wants to get there awning down tonight,it looks so bare around our vans, good job we all took our awnings down as it started to rain, after dinner Kev went over the gazebo with a few members while others had an early night, I was too relaxed so I stayed in our caravan.

Saturday ..... we were up early getting packed up, thanks to everyone that helped get the gazebo down, and to Chris and Clive for taking it for us, Steve, Paula and children were the first to leave, hope you have a safe journey home. One by one we were waving our friends off, we were the last to leave, I took the dogs over the dog run while Kev was hooking up, there was a lady and man walking their dogs, they had a big dog and a tiny dog, which started to bark at ours, next thing I know I was flat on my back with the man shouting at me to "get your bloody dogs on a leads" !!!! to which I replied they are, his wife said sorry as they walked off leaving me laying on the ground, Gracie was crying as well as me, as we got back to the caravan my bad arm was killing me, Kev wasn't happy, so as the couple walked passed he was waiting for them, as Kev said if it was his wife that had fallen he would have helped her up, what a pig of a man, he said he didn't know they were on a lead and I should have held on to them tighter, I said "your a pig of a man", his wife said she was sorry for not helping me and gave me a hug and said her husband can be a pig at times and he has trouble holding onto their big dog, she gave me another hug and apologised again.  It's been a fantastic holiday although it's a long way it really has been worth it, a massive thank you to Ian for booking it, a great choice, and to Chris for seeing it through for us. We pray we all drive home safe and thank you all for being such great company, the children have got on fantastic. As we left Gracie said that's the best holiday ever nanny n poppa, wish we could stay a few more days !!!!
On that note poppa said " would you have learnt to ride your bike in a few more days ??? " Gracie said " NOPE " !!!
​See you all in  2 weeks xx

               Love Kev Karla Gracie Mr Bourne Ronnie xx


Hollesley Village Hall
12th May to 14th May

What a fantastic weekend – when the Stanford mob host you know you are in for a good weekend!
Weather was really nice on Friday, we had the chance to sit out and enjoy the sunshine for a few hours.
Had a nice drive out on Saturday and ended up in Felixstowe for a stroll around the shops and then back to base for an early dinner ready for the nights activities.
Some members were out playing boules when we returned.
There were plenty of people in sombreros and ponchos as we made our way over to  the hall on Saturday evening!
What a fun filled night we had.  Lots of challenges and games, tequila cocktails and chilli tacos.
Many thanks to Pat, Derek, Rita, Bill and helpers for all their hard work hosting this weekend.
Wishing all the members happy holidays in Weston-Super-Mare and Norfolk and hope to see you all soon
Best wishes Bob and Deb xx


Friday.... the weeks come round so quick for our rallying, I got the caravan sorted ready for when Kev comes home, I'm looking forward to this rally, we are going away this weekend on our own, no children.
We had a lovely drive, only took hour and half, the sun was shinning and as we pulled onto our field we could smell the fish n chip van, (thanks to Joe for ordering our dinner), we set up and had our fish n chips, then over to the very nicely decorated hall in Mexican theme, we paid our dues, had a chat with our members, nice to see so many out, there's 18 caravans here.
Got back to our caravan I got the kettle on while Kev took the dogs out for a walk before it was time for bed.
Saturday .... it rained very heavy through the night but was nice when we got up,  I was spoilt this morning I was allowed to stay in bed while Kev cooked me breakfast, bread, cheese, egg and bacon on toast it was delicious,  we had a lazy morning, took the dogs out for a long  walk and we ended up in the local pub for a couple of drinks, some of our members had the same idea, the sun was shining it was lovely sitting in the pub garden.
Tracey took Leyton, Maddie and some members to  the  Suffolk  Horse Sanctuary while other members went out for a drive to Felixstowe, this afternoon at 2 pm Derek arranged for some games ofboules,  well done to those that joined in, I hear Derek was a bad loser and it didn't help when Dave and Mike were winding him up !!!  we didn't end up having rounders as everyone was happy sitting around chatting. Some members had a BBQ while others cooked in their caravans.
8 pm it was over to the hall for " MEXICAN THEME GAMES " we were welcomed with a drink of Tequila, it was great seeing so many dressed up, and the hall was very nicely decorated (look on club Web for photos), our tables had team names and we all took it in turns getting up joining in, it was such great fun, lots of games and so many laughs, the best was the feeding game, my cheeks hurt through laughing, well done to the members for being such great sports,  our hosts have done a great job in entertaining us tonight, and thank you for our chilli/tacos it was yummy, the evening came to a end far too quick, I didn't want it to end.

Sunday..... rained again through the night, but the sun shone as we went over for coffee and prize giving, Bob and Deb had to leave early this morning, so they came over to say good by, Kev sold them raffle tickets, Bob said can we collect there winnings !!! Guess what, they won the Bonus Ball plus the Arrival prize, I separated our raffle tickets just in case they won that also, the weekend came to a end, some members popped over to the pub for dinner, some sat outside their caravans having lunch and enjoying the sun, we pray you all have a safe journey home, our next meets will be the clubs holiday so looking forward to seeing you there, have a safe journey and looking forward to spending the week with you all.

                      Love Kev Karla Mr Bourne n Ronnie. Xx   


May Day at Ringshall Village Hall
28th April to 1st May

Friday – we arrived late morning to find 4 caravans already on site, we soon got set up and then Peter arrived.  By the evening we had 16 units on site.  As the local amateur dramatics club were rehearsing in the hall this evening we didn’t have coffee, but went over to Kevin’s to pay our dues and pick up the itinerary and quiz.  No one hung around for long as it was quite chilly.

Saturday – Another bright and sunny day and free to do as we pleased. Steve Donovan arrived this morning, making a total of 17 units on site.  We went into Stowmarket to get a bit of shopping and had lunch out.  Some went shopping and some went to see what was around the local area.  It was nice to see June and Brian visit today and hope you will be out with us very soon.  It was quite a nice day although the wind was a bit chilly, but some managed to sit outside for a while.

At 7.30 it was over to the hall for our recycled shenanigans.  We were split into teams of 10 and given our team names by Joe, these were Eisenhower, Hitler, Mussolini, Starling and Churchill.  We were then given a bag of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles etc to make something which would help England win the war.  During the evening we also played scatergories whilst the model building was going on.  By 10.00pm all the building had been completed and now was the time to show off our masterpieces.  There was a mine, a battle ship, a couple of tanks and gun.  These would be judged and winners would be announced on Monday.  All too soon it was 11.00pm and time to pack up for the evening and head to bed.

Sunday – Dry but a bit windy.  Joe rounded up everyone who was taking part in the Morris dancing later and had a bit of a rehearsal in the hall.  Thanks to Clive and helpers for setting up the Maypole.  At 1.00 pm the rattle went and we all congregated outside the hall to watch our Morris dancers.  They did a great job, after this it was time for the Maypole dancing and quite a few members took part.  Thanks to Julie and her helpers for the lovely tea and scones.

At 8.00pm it was over to the hall for our WWII night, it was nice to see so many dress the part.  First off this evening was bingo with a difference.  The bingo was called as normal, but when someone won, Joe had some envelopes and whoever won wrote their name on one of the envelopes and had to wait until the end of the bingo session to see what they had won.  After six games Joe jumbled up the envelopes and called out the first winner’s name.  Peter was the first one out and Joe asked him if he wanted to let someone buy the envelope, there were a few offers and then  Joe offered Peter £2 for his envelope which he took.  This went on through all the envelopes which all the other winners turned down any offer to buy and opened their envelope to claim their prize.  Once all the other envelopes had been opened, Joe then offered Peter a chance to buy his back, which he declined and when Joe opened it he had the top prize. 

After the bingo  each team was given some material, string colouring pencils and little lego men and asked to make a parachute.  We were also given some paper plate and modelling clay, which we had to look at some photos of Hitler, Churchill etc at the front of the hall, take a photo on our phones and reproduce an accurate likeness onto the plate, with the modelling clay and coloured pencils.
There were some good attempts and some very good likenesses. 

The girls cooked crumpets for everyone whilst we watched the flying attempts from the parachutes.

To finish off the evening we had a sing along to some war time songs.

Monday – At 11.00 am over to the hall for the results of all the weekend shenanigans and quizzes.
We didn’t win anything on the lottery this week. Steve Donovan won the bonus ball and then he won the raffle.  Churchill won the shenanigans and Peter won the weekend quiz.

Thank you to Joe, Julie, Bob and Deb and all their helpers for a fantastic weekend. 

Hope to see you all at next rally

Chris and Elaine

Friday..... I hope I'm going to be well this weekend as I've had a sore throat and bunged up noise that started Wednesday, and seems to be getting worse by the hour, I slept most of the way here and to be honest I feel dreadful, it was lovely seeing everyone sitting outside their caravans in the sunshine, while we got set up Mark and Mike had a drive out to get dinner (Indian), we didn't have the hall tonight so Kev took everyone's money by our caravan, there's 17 caravans here for the weekend, Bob n Joe gave out our  itinerary, lots of fun going on, I had an early night hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Saturday .... after a horrible nights sleep of being bunged up, painful shoulder and hot sweats, we awoke to beautiful sun,  Kev and Mark found a boot sale, it's so nice, Kev cooked breakfast and we ate it outside, most members had a drive out as it's a free day, our hosts were busy in the hall getting set up, we had a drive into Bury, had a lovely afternoon there, but on the way back got stuck in traffic for over an hour as there was a car crash, thanks to Deb n Bob for seeing to the dogs x , once again we sat outside, the weather has been so kind to us, we sat and watched some of our members having a boules match, then after dinner it was over to the hall for "RECYCLED MAYHEM" and other SHENANIGANS, what a fantastic night, it just goes to show what you can do with so much rubbish, (look on web for photos), in fact Kev n I felt at home seeing so much rubbish laying around it was just like driving past our local church this week, (after the pikeys had left their rubbish about),   well done to everyone for such a great effort, Bob read out a quiz that we had to name something beginning with that letter which I must say even I joined in, we had a chance to shoot a war gun at the tin cans but not before we had our safety talk, the evening came to an end far to quickly, a brilliant evening had by all.

Sunday...... windy but still dry and sunny, after breakfast Kev popped over to see our future son in law, as he is fishing near by, we had a lazy morning while our afternoon entertainment was practising in the hall, getting ready for our "MORRIS DANCING" and our annual "MAYPOLE DANCING", 1pm we all gathered around, once again our team never let us down, they were fantastic, a massive well done to our new members Steve D, Mike and Tracy for joining in, your such great sports, and a massive well done to one of our eldest members Edna for also taking part, after we all went in the hall for afternoon tea and scones, the children enjoyed playing with the water balloons and some games, it's great to hear them laughing, even little lily joined in their fun, we had our dinner in our caravan tonight as the wind has got up,  after dinner Kev went over to help set the hall up for tonight's fun, and what fun it was, thanks to everyone that joined in and dressed up for  War Time, there was so much going on tonight from playing bingo with a difference, (we won envelopes which we couldn't open until the end of the game),  our teams had to make a parachute,  for which we got points for  design and how well it worked, then our teams had to make a model of Hitler, Churchill,  Eisenhower (plus others I can't spell), out of plasticine on a plate, I must say it was fantastic seeing the different models,Julie and Deb made us supper of crumpets with butter, jam, cheese or chocolate spread, we finished our evening with war time music but before we had our sing song we said good by to our new members, Tracy, Mike and Maddie, as they had to go this evening  (work commitment),  hope you had a safe drive home.  We didn't want the evening to end we were all singing, some danced, again another fantastic evening had by al.

Monday..... it rained very heavy through the night, so I didn't get much sleep, but dry by the time we got up, it's been a fantastic weekend and come to a end far to quick, 11 am over to the hall for our weekend prizes, which were war time sweets, well done to everyone that won and a massive thank you to everyone that joined in, well done to Steve and Amanda for winning the Bonus Ball and the Raffle, I must also say a massive thank you to Joe, Julie, Bob n Deb for all your hard work in hosting and keeping us entertained throughout the weekend.  I'm shattered and going home for a rest, (hopefully). Our friends started to pack away , as some had a long journey home, we were last to leave, looking forward to our next rally hope to see as many of you as possible there, hope everyone got home safe n sound x

                       Love Kev Karla Gracie Mr Bourne n Ronnie



Thursday - We arrived on site early evening after a stop/start journey to find a good number of caravans already there. Later we all met in the hall for our welcome meeting, chat and payment of the weekend fees. It's lovely to see more new members joining and lapse members return.

Friday - for those of us who fancied a walk we met at 11am by the hall. We were out for about an hour and a half, but stopped off for a look around the oldest wooden frame church built in the 1400's. Luckily we were able to view inside too, and be given some information from the nice man who looks after the church. On our arrival back at the hall we enjoyed hot-crossed buns with a nice hot drink and of course another chat.
Back in the hall for an evening Quiz on Art and Literature. "Oh no"! we thought, but good fun was had when Chris kept us on our toes running to the front with each answer. 

Saturday - was do as you pleased during the day. We had a ride around the beautiful countryside then stopped off at Stowmarket for lunch and a walk about. Later a few members were brave enough to BBQ in the bright but chilly evening! By 8pm we gathered in the the hall for the ever popular race night,  but not a horse or dog in sight. The magnetic rubber spots were lined up 1 to 6 ready for the off - two dice were repeatedly thrown by our little helpers and the spots were off! (Surprising what we will chant/cheer at for the want to win!) another good night was had.

Easter Sunday - we went to the hall at 11am for the Easter bonnets parade. They were all wonderful but I think the Men's  competition had the most entries. Well done big boys! This was followed by the Easter egg hunt. Every child charged around outside until they found a disc, they then came back into the hall where they exchanged it for an Easter egg of their choice. More excitement was had with the announcement of the Girl and Boy of the year, so well done to Lily Chittick and Finley. Back to the hall for the evening entertainment - David Marks a Magician with comedy - great fun and especially with his many helping hands taken from the audience, well done to you all for lots of laughs! 

Easter Monday - Time had come to pack up and put away ready for the journey home. But not before the coffee morning and prize giving for the competitions. Thanks to the organisers and their helpers who made the weekend a success and enjoyable. A good time was had. Look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Doreen and Ron Gladden


Thursday .....After another hectic day of rushing around with hospital visits and crem visits it was time to get on our way for our Easter break,  we had a lovely drive here, traffic was kind to us, we couldn't believe the amount of caravans already here, plus new members, so looking forward to meeting them over the hall, I know this is going to be a fantastic weekend, thanks to Pat for Kev's cuppa while we set up, we soon got set up, had our dinner, then 9 o'clock it was over to the hall, we have lots of new members which is great and a welcome back to old members Sue and Steve Aylott, thanks to Rita and Pat for our teas,Joe and Julie won't be here until tomorrow as Joe is working late, so Kev told everyone a little change in our itinerary for tomorrow,

Friday ......it was cold through the night but I had a lovely sleep after the few weeks I've had of not sleeping, it's chilli this morning but nice and dry, hopefully the sun will come out soon, Finley and Lily came over for breakfast, (crumpets). 24 caravans here this weekend, Dawn is arranging a walk at 11am, it was fantastic to see so many join the traditional 77 club walk, and my god was it a walk, (it was like one of Fred's), we got to the church and a warden was there so he took us inside and told us all about it, how lovely, I must say it was very interesting, he was saying that if we could come August Bank Holiday Weekend, the church has its flower festival and has lots to do and a fete for 3 days, so perhaps it's a good idea to remember that  for an August Bank Holiday rally ?, we got back, had our Hot Cross Buns and teas, thanks to those that made them for us, it was lovely to sit down and have a good chat and  to see some visitors pop to see us.  As the members went back to their caravans the children  and Kev  stayed in the hall so  they could have a practice dancing and singing. Some members had a drive out to the Steam Trains, some went shopping, others sat outside their caravans chilling, I was shattered after our walk so  had a lovely sleep only to be woken up by lovely visitors, Harry, Gill and Janet, it was lovely to see them again, (thanks for popping back for the evening too). After  dinner it was over to the hall for a quiz with a difference, Arts and Books, (our team really missed Deb n Bob), I don't think I knew one question !!! , we also had to draw so members could guess the book title, thanks  to Chris, Clive and helpers for our first great evening.

Saturday ..... was nice and warm in our caravan as Kev put the heating on through the night, although I was too hot, I had another good nights sleep, to be woken up to Kev singing 😡😡, after breakfast Kev, Gracie and  I went out for a drive as our day is free todo as we please, it's beautiful around here, the countryside is so lovely and the cottages are beautiful, had a little shop then got back to camp as Abbi and Dottie are coming, the children had a great time playing, it's lovely watching them get on so well and to hear them laugh makes my day. Over to the hall at 8pm for more fun, thanks to everyone that helped with tonights fun, dog/horse racing, even Dottie helped throw the dice after first trying to eat them, poor Julie was feeling unwell so didn't come over to the hall. I hope our new members enjoyed the fun, I'm sure you realise just how mad we all are and get very competitive, I must thank Finley for giving me tips (I won lots of times), although he was sad after losing all his money. 11pm came all to quick, we hope Harry drove home safe, back to our caravan for a much needed sleep.

Sunday..... the weekend is nearly over, it's been lovely, Kev, Abbi and a few members went to the local boot sale although they weren't gone long, but got me a few things, Kev hid a few eggs around our caravan just so Gracie n Dottie could find them, it's Dottie's first egg hunt so she didn't know what to do? But it didn't take her long to catch on, although she can't eat them as she can't have dairy, 11am I was just finishing my Easter hat, and it was time to go over the hall, Joe called the children under 6 for the best Easter Bonnet, then the over 6, then us ladies, thanks to all the ladies that made a hat, (Pamela, one of the new members and me) !!! but I must say it was great seeing so many men that joined in, after we made a fool of ourselves it was the children's egg hunt, which is always very popular, Kev (Mr Bunny), went to hide the disc's, Dottie wasn't very happy finding a disc as she was looking for eggs !!! Once all the children had their Easter eggs it was the much waited for "Girl/Boy" of the year, a massive well done to Lilly C, and a massive well done to Finley for all your hard work thoughout the year, we are so proud of you both, in fact we are proud of all our 77 club children, you are such a credit to your mummy's and daddy's and grandparents, they all help us where they can. It's dry but a little chilli this afternoon, once everything was finished over the hall some members popped out for a drive, some of the children came back to our caravan for games, then they had a game of hide n seek, a bit later it started to rain so they went into Dawn n Steve's awning, we didn't end up BBQing as it's turned so cold so I cooked in the caravan, we had an early dinner tonight, we are getting excited for our magic entertainer tonight, it will be nice sitting back watching a show, 8 pm we all made our way over to the hall,  "David Marks" was all set up, I've never seen him before but he has been on TV, all I can say was he was fantastic and a massive well done to all of you who got on the stage to support his act, I just wish I knew how he did his tricks? He was also so funny, I haven't laughed like this in a very long time, I even drank a bottle of Baileys this weekend !!!! The evening  came to an end too quick, and it was back to our caravans.

Monday ...... another dry morning, but I did hear it rain in the night, I went over the hall early as Dawn is going to show me how to crochet, I use to do it as a child but it's been years since I've crochet, but I did get the hang of it, until I got to the corner and Kathy came to my rescue, and undid all my hard work, but put it right (so thank you), I think I'll be calling on you both when I get stuck, I cut a few hair's before Joe got started on our coffee morning, it's been a brilliant weekend and I didn't want it to end, and thank you all for helping towards the fun, we hope all our new members have enjoyed this weekend and we look forward to sharing many more with you, we hope you all got home safe and sound.

                    Love Kev Karla Abbi Gracie xx


Great Saling
31st March to 2nd April

Friday.... Kev came without me this afternoon as I was at the Royal Free with Netty, she is having her second infusion for her fistula's, I didn't get home until late so Kev came back home tonight to bring me to our rally, we picked up fish n chips on the way back, I was starving as I hadn't eaten, we popped over the hall to say hello to our friends, I didn't stay long as I'm shattered, so off to bed for me.  There's 11 caravans here, a big thanks to Dawn, Steve and Lily, (their niece), for hosting this weekend, lots of fun ahead !!!!

Saturday .....The rattle went at 11am for us to gather round Dawn's van where lily was our gym instructor" for this mornings fitness. We had a warm up before we started our workout 😫😫holding our tin of beans, we used muscles I forgot I had, thanks to those that joined in the great fun, we then ran !!! (some walked) round the field to the assault course. (see web for photos), after this everyone  had a drive out, we popped into Braintree, got back and sat outside in the beautiful sun and had lunch. Members got back and had the same idea, it's so lovely, the sun was so hot, there's lots of red faces now. We had a visitor this afternoon, Paul and Davina popped over to see us for the afternoon.
The children had some fun, Julie got her glass paints out so the children sat outside her van and had lessons, we have got very talented children in the club, after dinner it was over to the hall for lots of different quiz's, well done Steve for being our quiz master,  another fun evening.

Sunday..... Beautiful sunshine again this morning, what a brilliant weekend this has been, especially after it said the weather was going to be rainy, over to the hall for coffee and prize giving, I actually  won the arrival prize this weekend so I get the sweets for writing this report. After coffee we started to pack away as our Jess and Mark have got there new house and I'm itching to go and have a look, but no one rushed off.  We hope everyone has a safe journey home and looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Easter x

Love Karla Kev mr Bourne and Ronnie x


Butley Village Hall
17th to 19th March

I managed to leave work early on the Friday and decided to take the caravan up on my own and get everything set up before it got dark, went to drag the van out of storage and it wouldn't budge, after 10 minutes I remembered it is always best to wind up the legs first, this done I was on my way. I arrived and got everything set up, however the fridge would not stay alight and the water tank for the toilet was leaking, so the beer went outside and a bottle of pink water was left next to the toilet.

Dawne turned up with Riley after getting lost and taking a tour of the local area, we had dinner and went over to the hall to set up, however as the bar was open no one wanted a coffee or tea.

Steve D helped me the next day with the toilet and the fridge, at least the toilet flushes now with no leaks, it is handy to have one of your engineers on site with you, thanks for the help Steve. Lee “Tractor” doubled the price of his caravan by putting up his new porch awning, very nice it is, shame it rained once it was up, but at least we had somewhere to store our chairs.

We bought Lilly with us, Dawnes brother's daughter, and she loved it, she is already asking when the next rally is!!

Saturday night’s fun and frolics over the hall was a brilliant night, well done to Joe and Peter, can't believe me and Dawne came second in the quiz, we did not even do the last two rounds, I also came second in Joe’s drawing quiz, must have been my picture of Julie, might enter that for next years Turner prize. I could not believe how hard it is to fold a sheet of paper into 12 squares, I blame Joe for making 3 sound like tree.

Joe is already out canvassing for votes for Chairman at this years AGM, if you say you are not happy with the current set up he offers to wash your caravan.

Well can’t think of anything else, we look forward to seeing you all at the next rally in a pair of weeks, dam it’s catching.

Steve & Dawne


Friday..... we left late again today, while I was waiting for Kev to come home I was on FB and read that Joe and Julie had broken down as they had no brakes and were waiting for the recovery truck, we had a nice drive here in the dark !!!! Thanks for the help setting up, we had dinner, then it was over to the hall for our normal catch up with our friends, 2 new couples joined as members, we hope you enjoy your first of many rallies making new friends. Thanks to Diane, Doreen and Kathy for making teas tonight,  (11 caravans this weekend).

Saturday .... it was very windy through the nigh , and still windy this morning, Joe was looking at his car scratching his head, Kev called a friend of his to try and get the brake pads Joe needed, which thank god he did, so Joe's girls drove to Tiptree to collect them, Kev took us ladies and Bob out shopping while Joe stayed behind to catch up on a bit of work, it was a nice afternoon so we sat outside and had our lunch, other members had a drive into Woodbridge to look at the boats, then Sophie and Kiera brought the brake parts back so Kev fitted them for Joe.  After dinner it was over to the hall at 8pm for our quiz master Barry, Irish quiz book !!!! I must say Barry did very well tonight, we also played giant Dominos, I've never seen grown ups get so excited, we finished of the evening listening to music. 

Sunday .... this has been a very enjoyable weekend for me, weather could have been sunnier, but I really needed to get away for a nice rest ,  we can't wait until  Ronnie has his last jabs and he can go out for walks, Bourne loves his new brother, they have been so good this weekend, 11am over to the hall for coffee and prize giving, well done to those that won prizes, Joe plugged the holiday as it's a shame not many of us are going, so if you change your mind you can still come, I know it's a long way but with great company we will have a fab time,try and support us,  just speak to a committee member. We couldn't hang around today as we have a wedding evening to go to, we look forward to spending our next rally with you all x
Wishing you all a very safe journey home x

             Love Karla Kevin Bourne n Ronnie 🐶🐶


3rd to 5th March
White Rodings
1st Rally of the Season

Friday...... we didn't leave until 4.45 pm as Kev has to work a bit later now, so no getting away early for us. We are going to have a very hectic weekend as we have bought Gracie, Dottie and our newest member to our family " RONNIE ". After a nice drive here we set up as it got dark, the children played happily in the park, which was right next to us. Dottie had a hissy fit when it was time to go in. So as it's been a mad caravan, Kev drove out to get dinner, (pizza and kebab). I got the girls ready for bed, Kev went over to the hall to collect the fees. There are 10 caravans this weekend for our first rally of the year, lets hope more come out as the weather gets better.

Saturday ... it was very cold but the sun was shining, most members went out for a drive. Kev had to drive back home as he had Hayley and JC's house keys and Abbi had to let a workman in.  After finally getting the girls ready we went in the park for a couple of hours. It was lovely seeing all the children playing together, our Dottie has no fear and was walking around as if she had been here before, (we are going to have to watch her). Kev got back in time for lunch then it was his turn for park duty. A few of us sat outside, it was cold but sunny.  Joe cleaned his caravan then Steve cleaned his, I thought Kev might clean ours, but no chance. After dinner as Dottie was so tired I got her ready for bed and by 6.15pm she was asleep. Kev took Gracie over the hall for a quiz and drawing game hosted by Peter. Kev said it was a really good evening, thanks Peter. It rained heavy throughout the night.

Sunday .... still raining, at 11am everyone went over the hall. I didn't go as the girls still weren't dressed. Sorry to all our friends, I haven't seen you much over the weekend having so much to keep me busy, next rally we must go on our own. Although I love being kept busy I'm shattered. Hope everyone enjoyed their first rally, here's to 2017  and wishing you all happy weekends away.

          Love Karla Kev Gracie Dottie Mr Bourne n Ronnie xxx


Dinner & Dance
White Rodings
14th November

Friday..... Kev only worked half a day, so we left at 11am, there were 4 caravans already here, we soon set up, had lunch, then over to the hall to put the heating on ready for us all to spend the evening over there, more caravans turned up. 14 altogether, most of us had an Indian take away tonight, then we sat around chatting, I went to bed early as I've had another hard few weeks with  Jess, Dottie, Lilly and now Netty is back in hospital, so to be honest I felt drained, my head hit the pillow and I had a fantastic night's sleep.

Saturday .... We got up and the sun was shining bright, Mark took us to North Weild market, by God was it cold, we bought a few bargains, got back to our caravans by which Doreen and Ron had arrived and was setting up, back over the hall for lunch and nibbles, I got started doing lots hair ready for tonight's fun. I can't wait to see us all in our evening dresses and our men dressed up looking handsome, I do love this evening, seeing you all.  5.30pm we went over to the hall helping out with the last few bits, as I said I've had a horrible few weeks so I decided to have a few Baylis !!! Well I certainly did, about half a bottle!!!!  I took lots of photos (see Photo Page), Joe asked us to be seated at 6.30pm. As the curtains were pulled back it looked beautiful, and I must say a massive thank you to Julie, she sure did pull it out the bag once again with the table centre pieces, with our edible chocolate Christmas trees,they looked fantastic.  It goes wthout saying that we had another amazing meal, Prawn Cocktail or Home Made Soup, Beef/Turkey with all the trimmings plus lots of extras, Pavlova/Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, Ice Cream or Fresh Cream (or both if you so wished) Tea/Coffee and After Dinner Mints to finish off, the chef never lets us down, Joe awarded our new lady of the year, well done to Dawn, and the man of the year went to Steve, Mark won the fishing trophy and the boule's trophies, well done. The music was played by "ALL REVED UP !!! " Kev and I went round and sold the raffle tickets for some amazing prizes, as I folded the last tickets my mobile rang, I had 3 missed calls from my sister in law, and a miss call from a number I didn't recognise, I ran outside to answer it as my sister is back in hospital and I thought it was about her, how wrong was I !!! It was Kev's brother Tony, asking to speak to Kev, I got Kev to go outside as the music was loud, I knew as soon as I looked at Kev's face it wasn't good news, dad had past away tonight, we were numb.  I can't thank Mark enough for driving us home, as I had, had too many Baylis's.) We drove home in silence, how can we have been having such a fantastic evening with you all, then suddenly our hearts broken, thanks to those that came outside to see us, we are so sorry we had to leave so quick without saying anything to you all, we hope you all enjoyed the rest of the evening, and danced the night away, we can't wait to hear all about it, and I hope you liked your prizes,  those who  won, I see we won some Christmas crackers. Also thanks to Julie for giving me her beautiful flowers, you made me cry when Kev gave them to me, it's such a shame we wont be seeing you all until the day meet.
We just want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017, may we all have laughter, happiness, and fun  caravanning with each other, but most of all good health.
Sorry Jack and Edna couldn't make it this year, love to you both from all your caravanning friends.
Love Karla n Kev


Firework Rally
4th to 6th November

We joined the Thursday club this week and we followed Derek and Pat and Bob and Pat onto the field.  We soon got set up and then Chris and Ray arrived.  After we had lunch we all went for a walk down to the River as it was such a nice sunny afternoon.  When we arrived back Joe and Julie and Bob and Deb had arrived.  Kevin and Karla arrived later and in the evening we all sat around the fire that Derek and Bob had made in an old drum.

Friday morning the weather was not bad and more vans soon turned up.  It turned wet after lunch, so we sat relaxing in the motorhome.  At 8.00pm the children were all dressed up and started the traditional trick or treat around the caravans.  By 9.00pm we had 18 units on site and so over to the scary gazebos to pay our dues and collect our weekend itinerary/quiz sheet from Kevin.

Saturday morning the children and bigger kids collected the wood and built our bonfire ready for tonight’s festivities.  At 2.00pm it was over to the shooting lodges to see who could hit the targets and score the highest points.  At 5.00pm the children set off on their woodland walk, a few screams could be heard as they progressed through the woods, but everyone arrived back at site safely. 
Saturday evening everyone gathered around for the lighting of the bonfire, followed by fantastic fireworks.  Whilst watching the fireworks we enjoyed Julie’s mulled wine, which helped to warm us up.  This was followed by Curry, Chilli or sausages cooked as usual by Karla and the girls.  The fire was kept burning well all evening and some us had to move away as it got really hot.

Sunday morning dawned sunny but cold as we gathered for the prize giving and as you can tell Chris and I won the arrival prize.  I cannot quite remember who won what as I have been away in France since Monday last week, hence only just writing this report now.
A big thank you to Kevin, Karla and all your helpers for another fantastic firework weekend and hope to see many of you at Dinner/Dance next weekend.

Chris and Elaine


We arrived early afternoon to find 3 other units there already. Walked down to the river and scrabbled back just before it got dark.  Had an early tea and then went over to the lovely fire that Derek and Bob had made in an old drum. Spent a great evening chatting around the fire having been also joined by Kev, Bob, Debs, Julie and Joe. Thanks Pat and Bob for the glass of very warming sloe vodka! Addictive!

Ray and I went into Felixstowe and bumped into Bob and Pat also Derek and Pat. Trawled the vintage shops (thats the posh word for them), then we went down to the seafront. That's when the rain started...so went back to camp to get warm. Lots of other vans began arriving. We decorated our van with lights and scary things. Over to the house of horrors to pay our dues. Hot water bottles in the bed as it was freeeeeezing.

Didn't want to get up as so cold again. Eventually did and after breakfast just chilled, (well just warmed). The kids and big kids collected palletts for the fire and built the bonfire. Toffee apples made in the afternoon. After lunch went for another walk down to the river by a different route. We certainly had a different walk back as we got lost a bit. We were looking for sloes, so as we could make come sloe vodka too, but didnt find any. Probably a bit late for them. In the afternoon there was the shooting over the range which was enjoyed as usual by those that went. Early evening the kids came round trick or treating. The funny thing was the number of children had suddenly increased. I reckon word had got out around Ipswich.  Had tea then went down to watch the fireworks and here we go again mulled wine. The fireworks were the best yet and it was lovely to actually see Kev watching them as well, instead of trying to blow himself up. The fire was lit and dinner served. Thank you so very much to Karla, Julie and Debs for yet another delicious meal. Don't ever ask me to help (or at least keep an eye on me), as everyone would be hard pressed to know which was the dinner and which the bonfire...I always burn stuff. I had to go back to the van early as I was so cold but I could hear the singing.

Time to say goodbye after the last coffee morning for this year. We did win £100 on the lottery Wooo Wooo  which was fairly paid out. Had a lovely year and look forward to the next!

Chris & Ray

Thursday.... Although we got here late there were already 7 caravans here, thanks to Bob n Deb for helping get us set up, and to Julie for heating our dinner up. Derek had got a small fire started in a drum so everyone (except me), sat outside having a chat, I stayed in the warm having an enjoyable much needed rest,

Friday.... Some of us went to the Toby for breakfast which was very nice, when we got back Roland, Diane and Sally-Ann were just setting up, I put the kettle on for them, wasn't long before more members came, it's cold but nice n dry let's hope we have a good rain free weekend !!! A few of us went for a walk down to the river, then it started to spit with rain!! and it rained for a few hours, more caravans turned up as it got dark, thanks to Deb for helping to make our haunted Gazebo's (see photos), I've bought a lot more "scary bits" this year, even the adults got scared, 8 pm we started our trick or treat around our caravans, many thanks to you all for dressing up your caravans and being such good sports for the children, they had a fantastic time, they'll sure have a sugar rush tonight, 9 pm over to our haunted Gazebos to pay our fees and lottery (18 caravans). It was chilly but dry, we sat around the fire drum keeping warm.

Saturday ..... The children were up early outside our caravan waiting for Kev to go and get the Trailer, it's great seeing them all excited to build the bonfire, we sat on the trailer to go and collect the wood. Thanks to Ann for taking me to Tesco to buy the rolls etc., for tonight, after lunch all the children gathered around our caravan again ready for making chocolate apples, I do love our children, they are a credit to you all, so well mannered, (the big kids, men), also had fun making them too !!!! 2pm and time to go over to the shooting range, there were more guns this year, thanks to those who brought their guns for everyone to join in, there was some very good scores. I was busy in the caravan cooking chicken curry and chilli, thanks to Julie/Deb for cooking the sausages, 5 pm the rattle went for our true 77 club style walk in the dark !!!!! It wasn't long before we heard lots of screams !!!! Thanks to our ghosts for being brave in the dark, 6 pm was lighting of our bonfire and guys,  Julie gave out her warm Winter Pimms while we had our fantastic fireworks thanks to our display team, 7 pm your food was served, we hope you enjoyed it. (I think you did as many had seconds AND thirds!!!), Kev was on music for our karaoke, once again great singing voices were heard, I must say the fire was burning high and hot, we had to move back a few times,  it was so nice sitting around the camp fire having a sing song, the children loved the sparklers and cooking the marsh mellows, it's been a great night and great that the rain held off, the evening came to an end far too quick, thanks to you all for joining in tonight. Off to bed with ringing in my ears from the loud bangs / singing.

Sunday..... Woke to chilly, but lovely sun shine, I cut a few hair while Kev tidied up the bonfire mess, thanks to Abbi for marking our weekend quiz /shooting, 11 am, coffee and prize giving, this is our last rally of the year (apart from Dinner/Dance) and I'm sure those that came will say we ended it off with a GREAT BIG BANG. I must say a massive thank you to those that came and for those that missed it due to ill health, please get better soon, it's sad that it's our last rally but here's to 2017, I'm sure with such a great crowd of members it will be much more fun to look forward to, so please get your thinking caps on if you wish to host a rally. I had to rush off again this year as its our annual Basildon Hospital Forget Me Not Service and the launch of our new tree for our lost babies, thanks again to you all, wishing you a safe journey home, looking forward to spending it with those that are coming to our dinner dance X

Love Karla Kevin Abbi n Gracie not forgetting the pain in the A... Mr Bourne xx


21st to 23rd October

          We arrived on a fine afternoon in time to eat lunch.  We then sat and relaxed, chatting and catching up on news.  After dinner we watched a bit of television before going over to the hall for coffee and more chatting.

          A lazy morning, we didn’t even go anywhere as I could feel my cough getting worse, and Elaine kindly bought us a paper.  Soon it was time for lunch and get changed for the AGM.  Some extra members turned up, but what a shame that more don’t make it out as we need their input and ideas.  Sadly Ian and Rachel have had to step down, each for family reasons, but we are pleased to welcome Chris Russell as Booking Secretary and Dave Williams as Sports Officer. 
          Our evening entertainment started with delicious Pie and Mash, but no peas!  Our chefs were Pat, Derek, Bill and Rita and how hard they worked, plates were scraped clean in appreciation!  After a rest, we had a quiz in which we all shared our ideas, well some of us did! A fun evening was had by all.

          Another nice day and soon it was coffee time. It was our lucky day as Mike won the arrival prize, HA HA, and I won the raffle.  We didn’t hang around as we were off to a birthday party, Craig’s younger son was 7, how the years shoot by.  We look forward to seeing lots of you at the Dinner and Dance.

Love Penny and Mike

Friday ..... It seems a very long time Since I've been away due to family commitments, so I've really been looking forward to this weekend with you all. As we pulled onto the field the heavens opened up, but it soon stopped, after dinner it was over to the hall for a good old catch up, thanks to all our friends who wanted to hear all about Hayley and JC wedding, she looked stunning and had a beautiful day, it's been such a busy time for us lately, I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  (14 Caravans are here), Pat, Derek, Rita and Bill are hosting the weekend, Bill was taking orders for Pie/Mash 'n liquor for tomorrow nights dinner. 11 pm I went back to our lovely warm caravan.

Saturday .... I didn't wake up until 10 am, it's a beautiful morning lots of members were sitting outside in the sun, Kev and I popped into Dunmow for a look around, its so nice and sunny, we got back had lunch then got ready for our AGM,  I cut a few hairs this afternoon just before our AGM. Ian our booking sectary is stepping down as he and Catherine have got lots of other commitments, but hello to Christine Russell for taking this job on, Rachel is also stepping down, also due to other commitments, but Dave Williams has kindly stepped in as sports officer, the AGM went very smoothly, a few changes for 2018, it was nice to see those members that came just for the AGM meeting, Joe mentioned  it's getting much harder for Jack and Edna caravanning with Peter, so we won't be seeing much of them in the future, we want to send them both our love, they will be missed, but I'm sure Peter will keep us posted about them. 6.30 pm we all sat down for our dinner of Pie/Mash, we didn't go back to our caravans as our evening fun started, we had a musical quiz tonight that I actually knew some of the answers, I popped back to our caravan to get more drink and fell a sleep, when Kev popped back to see where I was he left me there snoring (so he said), I missed a great night by the sounds of it.  I hear Steve won the conker fight, and lots of laughs was had.

Sunday..... Another beautiful sunny morning, we sat outside our caravan watching all the walking groups turn up for their Sunday walk, over to the hall for coffee/prizes, it's Joe's birthday today and Rita's in December so we sang our hearts out to them, it's been a brilliant weekend, a much needed rest, thanks to everyone for your company, looking forward to those that are coming to the Bonfire weekend.

Hope you all had a safe drive home X

       Love Karla n Kev X Mr Bourne Xv