8th to 10th September

What a wonderful location and a beautiful  site in a Beautiful part of the country.. We arrived in superb sunshine and pulled onto the flat field which boasted excellent views across the Essex coastline, we faced the van into the scenic view and started to set up  for the weekend, 12 minutes we were done,  just as well as the heavens opened for a deluge  and lasted for approx. 15 minutes then excellent sunshine again  which was superb..  (pm came and we headed to pay our dues, a 5 minute walk up the country lane to the hall which was so well kept and decorated, it was incredible in this small community that they had such a well-kept  and well-presented hall..

Anyway Saturday morning came and I was confronted with a sight that will haunt me forever………. I met Bill in his pyjamas, just the bottom Half I might add,… nothing strange about that I hear you shout, but these were skimpy pyjamas in a pale PINK  Colour with Little flowers all over them, supported with delicate tassels on the legs…. ….Well I say legs …. … .they were  actually bloomers and were just above the Knee , and looked really feminine.. Bill, seen I was puzzled at his attire so early in the morning, and proceeded to defend his choice of  feminine attire. The blood rushed to his face as he filled with Embarrassment whist trying to defend his attire,…. the more he explained the worse it got.. “These are Rita’s he stuttered “not sure how to reply I nodded with a “ oh Yes,  that’s fine “ …I didn’t know if I had stumbled on some weird thing that they do and wear each other’s clothes or not……  struggling for something to say in this awkward silence …. “are they comfortable I asked “  … YES came the answer … Oh good, I’m glad I replied…. Then I had an awful thought…….. supposing Rita came to the Door of the caravan, dressed in Bills underpants or even worse suppose she was looking for the pyjamas and had nothing on……OMG ………. I made my excuses and suitably embarrassed hurried swiftly away to leave them both to it …. Not sure if this is a regular occurrence or not. Perhaps you could ask Bill or indeed Rita at the next Rally…. Enough said..

Chris had a bust afternoon on Saturday as she stripped the field of all the Blackberry’s she could fine, 11 lb of the finest blackberries were hand picked in the space of 4 hours… and suitable stung with the finest of Essex Nettles she decided to call it a day. Clive loves Blackberry Pie … good luck Clive, looks like Blackberry pie for you for the next 2 months.. ha ha ha .

A fab weekend was had by all …. Oh and I won the Bonus Ball and the Raffle this weekend wooo hooo , I shall enjoy
my first Beer in Italy next week  all the more knowing that the 77Club members have all contributed to it Horrrray
I will be thinking of you all.

Have a great break and I will see you all in a Pair of Weeks
Thank you all for such a brilliant weekend.




Mundon Caravan Site
Hook Farm
11th o 13th August

Got there early for a change on Friday after a bumpy drive through Tiptree and onto Maldon, we arrived on site in brilliant sunshine, parked up and set up after putting back all the cups and plates that had been rattling around the floor for the last 10 miles or so, I told you the trip there was bumpy ! ! We had the tent on board, and soon, with some help from willing volunteers it was erect, beautifully done If I say so myself, and made all the easier by the colour coding and seperstion that Clive had prepared earlier, Thank you Clive, it went up like a dream....... so to speak !!! .......
Our hosts were "The Newbys" Pam, Derek, John, Joan and Louisa and Colin, wow did they host in style !,,,,, Hot Punjana tea for Friday night with Cake and Buns which Dawn and Steve made (or should I say Dawn), and home made Sausage rolls that the hen made hmmmmmmm beautiful, the amber nectar quickly followed with Lashings of alcoholic grape juice for the Ladies, more commonly knows as Wine ..... a brilliant start to the weekend.
French or Francois was the theme for the weekend, Wellie wanging was the order of the day on Saturday afternoon, not sure why they chose Wellingtons, I would have thought It should have been called Napoleon !!! Not to worry who am I to judge ..... the competition was hotting up as the men gathered around Steve and Amanda's Caravan, newly named the "Beige Beauty " Oh Amanda makes a fantastic cup of Coffee, next time you are out ask her or Steve to make you one of these special cups of pure delight, thank you Amanda.  Anyway ... back to the Welly Wanging ... the men lined up like it was a scene from Britains strongest man ....... exercises were done to limber up as the first contestant moved in to have their first throw ... one by one they threw the steel toe capped lump of shaped rubber together with The stench of smelly feet across the well marked out field. Some had better techniques than others I can assure you, but in the end I had the longest throw beating Kevin into second place woooo hooooo 26.5 metres was the throw against Kevos measley throw of 23.4 metres. Pure bliss but I didn't crow about it ......... not much ha ha ha ..... Neil twisted his back, Steve pulled a muscle and Kevo broke a nail ..... for God sake lads toughen up!!! The girls also had a go at the throwing the shaped rubber boot across the field which was fun, but I don't know who won as I was basking in my glory ha ha ha .......
Saturday night, well you won't believe it, what the Newbys had in store for us OMG... We started with French Bingo..... I crossed off the same number 3 times as did lots of others ... soooo funny, Penny won the top prize, as she was quietly confident and understood the lingo, well done to Penny. Then we had the pista resistance ..( Irish Spelling ) .... Belly Dancing ..... for Men ..... Louisa showed us how it was done ooh La La ... then it was our go "........... outside we went to get dressed up, all costumes supplied new by the hosts which was brilliant and with no rehearsal we were on".......... the Belly Dancing music was in full flow as all 6 of us men entered the Gazeebo to rapturous applause, shaking our Fake Bossoms and "TWERKING " to the music it was hilarious and all videoed in prep for Face Book OMG, Richard won the best male and got an on the spot prize........ not telling you what it was you will have to ask Richard.... Another great weekend made all the better by some fantastic hosting, can't wait for the next one.
Thank you to Louisa and our hosts for supplying us with Berets! All of which were hand knitted, fantastic thank you all.
​Looking forward to the next Rally in a pair of weeks

Cheers for now Joe


Home Farm Fisheries
14th to 16th July

Just back from Holiday and have missed a few rallies so here we go with your latest Chairmans Blog.... Friday, and headed off to Saffron Walden, Home farm, fishing Rally, hosted by Kevin and Karla. Across the A130 At breakneck speed we went, with fishing licence in tow together with rod net and loaves of bread, the bakers thought We were having a party, but when I told him it was for fishing bait he nearly had a heart attack hah ha ha ha. Pulled into the site, and greeted as per normal with rapturous applause and a standing ovation, closely followed by a cold beer and offers to unhitch the van and set it up "........... NOT ,... but it was great to see everyone out in the sunshine and downing copious amounts of beer and alcoholic grape juice, which we also took part in, a great start to the weekend. 9 people fished on Saturday morning, we all gathered outside Kevo's and Karla's new van wooo a beauty from Elddis The clackson went dead on 8am and we all raced to our favourite swims, it was like a remake of the LeMans 24 hour road race ha ha, bread, rod, net and chair all in hand I ran like the clappers with everyone else, almost forgetting to stop at the edge of the lake skidding on the grass I stopped inches away from the waters edge..... phew that was close.... 30 seconds later there was a ton of bread Launched into the lake it was like confetti and a sight that old Mr Warburton would be proud of as the shares for sliced bread went through the roof. Silence then descended upon the mirror looking water as the anglers settled down for 6 hours of competitive fishing..... 5 hours in, and Derek " Adonis Del" was way out in front , having to use two keep nets to contain 80 lb of the finest Essex Carp, Steve Hannibus, known he was beaten by his lovely wife Dawnie, he reverted to cheating, oh yes, breaking the Geneva convention he was caught fishing in waters outside his durastriction "....... he launched an attach on MY SWIM with a huge cast from the opposite side of the lake and stole ... yes Stole 6 of my Huge fish that I was about to hook and net, resulting in me finishing in 9th place, not Fair and all of this from the Man of the Year "........ very sportsman like...... but congratulations to Derek LJ for winning in glorious style with 80lb Of quality Carp, well done Derek. Bob n Deb had an unwanted visitor in their camper when they returned from the schannigans of Saturday evening in the Gazeebo. After a few beers all washed down with another few beers ! It was time for Bed... lights out, all out, Bob n Deb headed for the American Beauty Looking forward to a good nights sleep"....... only to be greeted by the biggest Hornet you have ever seen, undecided as to how to get it out, Deb reverted to hide under the bed covers leaving Bob to exterminate the invader. With a rolled up copy of Country Life, he started to swipe at the Winged alien, knocking it into the bedroom where Deb was hidden under the blankets, jumping on the bed, as if it were a trampoline and whilst still swiping the insect frantically you could hear the screams in Cambridge, and that was just Bob ha ha ha .... Clonk, went the Country Life magazine Against the winged beast and all fell silent as the Hornet landed, motionless on the bedside table. ...... a quick blow of the magazine again left no doubt that The poor harmless insect had indeed left this earth and was Dead. A swift exit from the Camper and harmony was quickly again restored. What excitement, Hope you had a good nights sleep. Crochet seems to be the latest craze at the club, Louisa made a beautiful beret (a French cap), Kathy is making a baby blanket which again looks Fab, it's a circular garment, which I thought was another beret that Kathy had forgotten to stop crocheting either that or its a beret for Barry ha ha ha ... oh who is now called " lick the wick" Barker. Ha ha ha Kevin's dog broke the leg of my chair on Sunday afternoon !!!! Perhaps the fact that I was sitting on it at the time didn't help, no more sausage sandwiches For me I think !!!!! Richard and Kathy (KC) bought another new 4x4 a lovely motor, a Silver one, very nice, and are off on a little break from the Rally, lucky devils... That's it for now Another fun filled weekend. Thank you to everyone for a fab and enjoyable weekend Talk to you all soon.

Regards Joe


Hollesley Village Hall
12th to 15th May

Arrived on Friday afternoon, excellent sunshine and in true 77 club style the Thursday club were already well established and sitting around in a big circle chewing the cud and drinking lashings of grape juice the alcoholic kind...... more commonly known as wine ha ha ha the boys were just as bad downing copious amounts of amber nectar as if it were going out of fashion. All enjoying the sunshine, lucky Devils. We were soon set up and joined our pals for a few Pre dinner drinkies. The fish and chip man made a fortune as one after one we all queued up for the battered beverages hmmmmm Delicious..
The Stanford Group were our hosts for the weekend and Mexicano was the theme. So on Saturday night they fed us with a superb Chilli and Tacos all washed down with lashings of a tequila punch which was superb. Fun and frolics quickly followed with loads of Mexican themed game's One game involved eating a spicy and I mean spicy concoction of yellow goo, Sounds lovely, needless to say I made a quick exit when it came to choosing the candidates.... Paula Williams really enjoyed it ha ha ha ha, Just ask Dave the next time you are out .... Oh and Steve Alyott had a facial of the stuff ..... Sue said she couldn't resist the opportunity to give Steve his facial.... it was simply the funniest thing all weekend. Thank you to Bill, Rita, Pat and Derek for a truly superb weekend.
Paula and Dave bought a new Caravan, a really lovely van, well done both. Paula kept hearing voices in the night. She swears blind she heard someone shouting " Cockadoodle dooo, cockadoodle dooo over and over again during the night ??? I think it was Dave myself delighted with his new purchase ha ha ha ha ha.
Kev let his dog out to go to the loo at 4.30 am and stood at the door in his budgie smugglers, but the pup had other ideas as he bolted for the freedom of the field, quickly followed by Kev in his budgies as he tried to get the pup under control, this must have been hilarious to watch, what a shame nobody saw the schannigans.... Dave Westbroom had a massive hangover on Sunday morning, he had a skinful of that Ghost Ship beer from Adams, pint after Pint he guzzled all accompanied by 3 heaped bowls of Chilli and Tacos ha ha ha, Sunday morning the Chilli had its revenge and the Ghost Ship was a vision from the past as the paracetamol was his best friend ha ha ha ..
We had a great weekend thanks to everyone for making it soooo enjoyable.
​Hope everyone has a great weeks holiday in Weston Super Mare, Lucky Devils See you all at Haughley in June.

Cheers for now Joe


Crowfield Village Hall
13th to 17th April

Another superb weekend, weather was excellent albeit a little breezy, and we had 24 vans, wooo hoooo
Best attendance so far this year. With 5 yes .... 5 New Members, brilliant...

Friday Night and Chris, Clive, Justin and Emily did a fantastic job of hosting the evening... An evening filled with culture, education and sophistication ..... wasted on the majority ha ha, But great fun as we all pretended we knew about paintings and authors of famous books Well done and thanks for a great evening..... Pat Lawler- Jones was great at this quiz, she is so Sophisticated that lady ......

Saturday evening and more fun and frolics as we gambled the night away .... betting on little magnetic discs climbing up a metal board hahahaha. That 77 club will bet on anything, a really great night. Thank you to everyone involved.....

Easter eggs, Easter Eggs , Easter eggs, everywhere. Kev ate two before breakfast on Sunday morning and so did Steve Donovan ".......... aaah perhaps that's why Steve blocked up the toilets ..... ah it all makes sense now. Thanks Steve..... great to see your pretend 4x4 managed to pull your van off the field without any help from the members, we were all on hand to give you a push if you needed it... ha ha ha ... Steve Hannibuss also had trouble with his toilet not flushing, as did John and Joan hmmmmmmm too many Easter eggs perhaps ????? Sunday evening was great, we had professional entertainment in the form of a comic magician, he was fab almost as entertaining as the people he called up on stage... Peter, Olivia, Edna, Emily and Derek... OMG you have never seen Emily talking to a Satsuma it was the funniest thing .... whilst Peter couldn't work out how to assemble the chrome rings..... But Derek was priceless as he assisted with cutting up Johns £10 note, you should have seen it, if you weren't there you missed a great weekend, next time you are out ask them what happened excellent.

Kathy Barker has mastered the art of producing the 77 club "Pennant Flag" these are superb and a steal at only £5 each, please contact Kathy if you wish to order one ... Thank you Kathy...

That's it for now, short and sweet this week as work beacons, see you all at Ringshall where Deb, Bob, Julie and myself will be your hosts for the weekend WW2 is the theme ....

Fancy dress is optional but appreciated

See you in a Pair of weeks

Cheers Joe


Chairman's Blog

The First "Chairman's Blog" of 2017
3rd to 5th March
White Rodings Sports Club

First Rally of the year and what a great weekend, one of our favourite rallies in a great location near Hatfield Heath.
Friday evening saw 10 vans out for our first Rally of the season, brilliant. Richard had a little problem with his water pump on his new Bailey van, so he went out to buy a new one on Saturday, he had his last van for 25 years and it never let him down ... modern vans I ask you... anyway he paid £50 notes for the pump, only to find it wasn't the pump after all Ooops, anyone need a spare water pump ?.. Steve "The Maison" Hannabuss (2 x Ss) roared onto the field with his mud splattered Swift Caravan, now I know it has been a long time since we have taken our vans out, but even I remembered to wind up the steadies before setting off..... yes you guessed it, Steve was so eager to get away from where he stores his van that he forgot to wind up the steadies.... the Merc was in first gear, all set and ready to go, he planted the boot on the Merc and it just stood still spinning in the mud, splattering the van .... puzzled Steve then remembered why the van wasn't moving... The steadies are still down ha ha ha ha ha. Please don't let him forget this next time you see him !!!.
Kev and Karla turned up with Gracie and Dottie, lovely to see the kiddies out on the first rally..... Bourne was also out at the first Rally with a new pal with him"........... yes, Kev and Karla have invested in another lovely little lab pup...., a red lab called Ronnie.... soooo cute.
Lee and Sarah Tractor arrived Friday evening towing the Beige Beauty with a new Merc 4x4 a lovely fuel guzzling V8 petrol, with the van in position and all set up for the weekend! the tractor decided to put up his new awning. 1.5 hours later and doubling the value of the van the awning was up horrrrrah"......... Oh No the outfit was only 4 foot away from the next caravan... Ooops, scratching his head wondering how this could have happened, Lee stood there in amazement, .......... Over comes KEV, "What's all this then, " You are too close to that Van.... said Kev politely hahahahah....... The rules are the rules .......... so down the awning had to come....., that will teach you Tractor... snigger snigger..
Steve D arrived last on Friday evening.... and backing up his van decided to spin the wheels on his pretend 4 x 4 ha ha ha, Kev saw it all happen and was delighted...... NOT!  STOP he roared, I kid you not you would have heard it in Basildon, ha,ha,ha, So in true 77 club style Steve D unhitched his Van and we all pushed him into position...... job done..., OH nearly forgot .... we won the Lottery on Saturday on two tickets horrrrrray 2 x £3, however a win is a win..
Sunday, and Steve Ds little 4 x 4 was at it again.... yes it was dancing across the wet grass but not taking the van anywhere ..... Ooops More track marks....... But wait what was this coming towards us a flash of electric blue V8 power yes it was the Tractor to the rescue, In his new 4 x 4, smiles from ear to ear he unhitched Steve D's van and hitched it to the Merc, grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he proceeded to tow the van to the hard standing at the top of the field, he was sooo excited that he roared up the field at about 20 miles an hour, over comes Kev again, wagging his finger, "5 miles an hour," poor old Tractor got told off again, still, Rules are the Rules.....
A few beers were consumed over the weekend as we all celebrated our lottery win and then the fact that it was the first Rally, Bob M (Consulate Clive), is now partial to a little Vera Lynn or two, swapping his favourite tipple from Vodka ... wooo hooooo mind you it took him quite a few tasters to confirm that he really likes the taste ha hah ha. Mind you he was in good company .... A great weekend was had by all. Roll on two weeks time when we all meet in Butley.... can't wait.

Cheers for now Joe


4th to 6th November
Firework Rally

Hi Everyone

Well here we are again the final Rally of the year 2016 and it  went off with a Bang……
Oh, before I forget again, as was pointed out by old grey Beard himself … Steve , I had forgotten to do a Blog for the AGM 2 weeks ago. So ……….. The AGM was Fab, Congratulations and welcome to the new committee for 2017
We celebrated with lashings of Champagne and hot sausage rolls which Julie prepared. Another brilliant weekend…..
Thank you to everyone for attending….

And now ……. Hallotree
We joined the “Thursday Club” for this rally woooo hoooo  as we got there on Thursday afternoon arrived to brilliant sunshine, 5 caravans were already there, but not a single person in sight, the rally field was like a ghost town !! where was everyone ? They all arrived back to the site on mass ½ hour later, all  red faced and giggling, they told us they all went for a walk down to the river !! ?? !!  Yeah Right… I didn’t know that they sold wine and beer down at the river, my guess is that they all went down to the pub for a good few beers it would seem……….. the river indeed….

Steve Hannabuss was sporting a rather scraggly beard this weekend…. He reckons  it makes him more attractive, Ha ha ha ha  yeah that’s right Steve you keep telling yourself that …. He does have a funny story about his beard though, you will have to ask him when you see him……. Just mention Hook and Eye  …. As in Velcro !!! that’s all  I’m saying ……

The Kids had a fab time, trick or treat and collecting buckets of sweets from each van, even the adults joined in to fill their pockets with sweets and chocolate, even Steve Hannabuss got in on the act … as his favourite chocolate bar is “CRUNCHIE”  ha ha ha …Some of the stories you hear around the camp fire is amazing, did you know that Bob Maskell used to have a nick name at school…..,the teachers used to call him  “CONSULATE CLIVE “ ha ha ha ha  brilliant next time you see Bob just call him CONSULATE CLIVE and get him to tell you the story….

Our in house Pyrotechnic boys did a sterling job with the fireworks, well done and thank you to Dan, Ian and Lee (the Tractor). One of the best firework displays ever, excellent, Oh … before I forget, thanks Lee for carrying the Sports equipment for the last few rallies, really good of you. Dave did a great job leading the Ghost Walk on Saturday night, well done Dave a brilliant job.

Karla and Kev did another superb job of hosting the whole weekend, thank you both…., Karla must have spent a fortune on new Halloween ghosts and ghoulies  they were excellent and so many of them, the car and van were filled up with Halloween stuff it must have weighed a Ton, indeed so much that Kev’s brakes packed up on the way to the Rally….. and in true Kevo style he soldiered on  to the rally with no brakes only using the gears and handbrake to stop. Mad Mad Mad…..

A huge thank you to Derek for organising the Lottery … we had a big win this week, biggest so far .. £100 woooo hoooooo
Thanks Derek .. next time the big one !!

That’s it for now………..
Speak to you all soon