Easter at Whepstead Community Centre
30th Mar to 2nd Apr

Whepstead Community Centre - Easter A welcome return for the 77 Club to this wonderful Venue. However the weather could have been kinder to us... to say the least. Members got there on Thursday and proceeded to park up on the field About 14 vans, however this was short lived as the heavens opened and rain drenched the field, those that came late were directed by the newly appointed Rally Officer, Clive, to park up on Hard Standing.... Including me horrrrrray. Well it didn't stop raining all weekend, OMG I am sure you could see the vans in the field slowly sinking... But not to worry, the rain would stop before Monday and the field would dry up in time for the mass exodus after the coffee morning. Peter hosted a great night of entertainment on Friday which was well received and a brilliant night. Dawn and Steve, hosted on Saturday night, which was again an excellent night which did include Steves famous Higher and Lower game, well done both another successful evening Sunday, saw a professional entertainer, Joey Howard who was a comedian, it was brilliant, he did pick on poor old Ray a lot, but Ray sat right at the front almost next to the comedian, so of course Ray was an easy target, but thank you Ray for taking everything in good spirit. The kids were so well behaved it was a credit to the parents, really good again thank you all.
After the Easter Bonnets, and the Easter Eggs Hunt it was time to announce the Boy and Girl of the year for 2017. This year the accolade went to Wyllow for the Girl of the year and to Logan for the Boy of the year, well done you two, and well deserved. Monday and Coffee morning was finished, so now we had the added entertainment that was watching how many vans would get stuck in the muddy field..... Out of all the caravans on the field everyone had to get towed off the field, except for one..... Kevo, well done Kevin, he was the only one to tow his caravan off the muddy field without getting towed off, horrrrrray.
Thank you sooooo much to Clive for using his 4x4 to tow everyone off the field, and thank you to everyone who helped, a great afternoon of entertainment. I bet you every member goes out and buys a tow rope next weekend !!!.
I had an awful job getting away also, hitching up on hard standing and pulling away with a clean car and caravan was awful ....... Hah ha ha hahahaha ha. Sorry I couldn't resist......
Thanks again everyone

See you all in a pair of weeks
Regards Joe


First Rally of the Season
Roding Hall Farm
16th to 18th March

Chairmans Blog First Rally - High Roding Hello everyone and welcome to this years blogs And so to the first rally of the year a pleasant return to Roding Hall Farm, just outside Dunmow, a really lovely location. The weather man warned of snow, but we took no notice and headed off to our first rally of the year, horrrrray we arrived in brilliant sunshine on the Friday to a warm welcome from 7 other members, it was so warm that we sat outside the van and guzzled beer all afternoon, Julie even took her coat off !!!, It turned really cold in the evening but hey ho after all it's still March, and there is no sign of SNOW, the forecasters must have got it wrong again !
Saturday afternoon and my God did it snow, light at first but then it wouldn't stop, soon the field and vans were covered and so was the road, but we didn't care, out in the cold we went braving the blizzard to go to the hall for fun and frolics , hosted as it was by yours truly, Julie, Bob and Deb, and the theme Paddys Day, given as it was then 17th of March. We had great fun, Irish Skittles, Irish Quiz, and everyone got a leprechaun name for the evening..... Thank you everyone for joining in, brilliant.
Sunday morning and the dreaded packing up started, who was going to be first of the field? Who was going to get stuck in the snow and have to be towed out with a proper 4 X 4.... Hahahaha. Barry and Kath were first to go, as we all waited with baited breath Barry unleashed the 2.0 lt engine, as he lunged forward Kathy had her eyes closed and was holding onto the dashboard as if her life depended on it. The roar of the 2.0 lt could be heard in Dunmow, as Barry gave the Honda the beans...... Across the field he went, snow flying everywhere all up the front of the van and down the side of the Honda, ....... The road couldn't come quick enough, but sure as sure he made it, out onto the hard surface of the road to great applause from the onlookers.... Well done Barry.. Ha aha aha Everyone else cruised out with nobody getting stuck at all, even Bob. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

See you all soon

Chairman's Blog